Zika Free Babymoon: Cayman Islands

Hello Heroes,

So hopefully by now we’ve plastered our news on our socials enough that you know “WE ARE PREGNANT”, but just in case that didn’t settle in, “WE ARE PREGNANT”.

Over the course of this pregnancy, our cabin fever has been at its all time high. I mean we are travellers at heart and not being on a plane or on the road, has definitely been tough. So when I heard about these things called “Babymoons”, I couldn’t wait to start planning.

We searched far and wide for Zika free tropical destinations, but outside of Florida or the West coast of the US, there weren’t many options. Randomly searching through Canada Travellers Health site, I stumbled upon the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, both Zika free. *Fist Bump*

After reading about each island and tabulating cost, we settled on the Cayman Islands. Why you may ask? Well just take a look at this beautiful beach.

Aside from the beautiful beaches, the hotel properties were fantastic. Being an avid point collector, we had so many options to use our hard earned points. Perusing through our go-to Marriott.com, we found the Westin Grand Cayman. This property was so beautiful, up to date rooms, and a gorgeous beach. Not to mention a great beverage program and evening entertainment.

The Westin Grand Cayman


Situated along the world famous Seven Mile beach, this property was the best decision we made. Every morning was like waking up in heaven, and every evening watching the colourful sunsets was just breathtaking. Along with the awesome beach, there is a medium sized swimming pool with a swim up bar, and 3 restaurants.


Grand Cayman isn’t really a walkable island, but being centrally located, we were able to hop onto their local buses for $2 each and travel anywhere. Now Grand Cayman is basically a huge tourist trap, everything is so Western that it doesn’t really have any island vibes. This was probably our main faux-paux with the location. Everything was American style restaurants, shopping, and souvenir shops. But we were here to relax beach side and enjoy our baby growing.


So as I just said, we were here to just relax, veg out, and get our emotions in check. Grand Cayman was the perfect place for this. We were able to cut out the world and focus on what really mattered. But if you do tend to venture off resort then hit up Camana Bay. It’s a newish shopping district, with awesome restaurants, and some impressive trails/pathways to explore. One of our favourites spots was “Jessie’s Juice Bar”. It served yummy, fresh, healthy options and most importantly awesome service. In fact, the owner, took the time to get to know us and help us out with local recommendations and gave us a quick history lesson about the island. Definitely check it out.

So although this review wasn’t as in depth as our other destinations, we came back more relaxed then ever before. We would definitely go back, maybe next time with baby girl in tow. But remember have some lower expectations of island life and just enjoy the sun, people, and the properties.

If you need some help planning your trip or some advice on where to venture off too, you can always give me a shout. Leave a comment below or slide into the DM’s.

Instahusband out,
Sameer @playingwithapparelmen


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