What You Need When Trying to Conceive

For Infertility Awareness Week, I’m focusing on developing posts to support those experiencing infertility or who are in the process of trying to conceive. This process can be exhausting, stressful, overwhelming, and deeply meaningful. I’ve been there. Most of the things you need when trying to conceive are things money can’t buy–support, compassion, patience, strength. However, there are some things that are really helpful to have on hand. Since I can’t be there to make sure you have all of the priceless things you need, I’ve developed this list of what you need when trying to conceive.

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Pictures from our fertility journey.

Fertility Products

Basal Body Thermometer

easy@Home’s BBT Thermometer is highly-rated and comes in both purple and pink.

One of the key metrics to track while trying to conceive is basal body temperature. Tracking this temperature is important because basal body temperature may increase slightly when you ovulate. If you notice that your temperature is higher for around three days, that could signal ovulation. Getting a BBT-specific thermometer is important because it displays temperature to two decimal places. Since BBT will only increase in small increments, it’s important to have that level of accuracy.

Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests

This comes in a 55 or 70 pack.

Trying to conceive comes with a lot of tests–ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, blood tests, and more. Running out to the store for a single pregnancy test may not be an option during your fertility journey. These MomMed ovulation and pregnancy tests are simple, effective, and come in large bulk packs, so you’ll always have some on hand.

Prenatal Vitamins

Garden of Life supplements are high in folate and Vitamin D.

You’ll want to start prenatal vitamins early in your fertility journey to make sure your body has the nutrients it needs. It’s important to talk to your doctor before starting a supplement, so make sure to consult them to find the one that’s right for you! This Garden of Life raw prenatal is a good option because it includes high levels of Folate and Vitamin D. It’s also certified gluten-free, so it’s a solid option for those with food sensitivities.

Fertility Tea

This tea is caffeine free, so you can drink it any time of day.

There is some evidence to suggest that peppermint tea can be helpful during a fertility journey. While products like fertility tea may not work for everyone, it’s something that a lot of women have used successfully. Peppermint tea can also be very relaxing, and drinking tea can be a great part of a meditation and mindfulness routine.

Mindfulness and Mental Health Support

Trying to Conceive Journal

This journal comes highly recommended by reviewers.

There are a lot of numbers, thoughts, changes, and tasks to keep track of when you’re trying to conceive. The stress of managing all of the details can pile up on top of the already emotional and overwhelming experience. Keeping a journal that is specific to your fertility journey can help organize all of that information. This journal combines the technical tracking you need to do with affirmations and inspiration to help you keep going.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Written by Toni Weschler, MPH

This book has been called the “Fertility Bible” and has been recommended to people on a fertility journey for almost 30 years. It was fully revised and updated in 2015 to include more up-to-date information about fertility treatments and medical advancements. If the “unknown” of trying to conceive feels overwhelming, this book could provide a lot of answers that help you understand fertility on a deeper level.

Affirmation Cards

This set comes with 45 unique cards.

Thinking positive thoughts can be extremely hard while you’re trying to conceive. However, it is critical to maintaining your emotional health through the process. This set of 45 affirmation cards helps you pause and reflect each day. I like to add affirmation cards to my morning mindfulness routine. As you’re making a cup of tea or after you get out of the shower, pull a card from the box and reflect on its contents. This can help center you during uncertain times.

Physical Health and Recovery

An increase in medication use, medical testing, and changes in routine on top of the mental and emotional stress of trying to conceive can leave your body physically exhausted. These products can help you get the medicine you need and prioritize rest and recovery.

Travel Medicine Organizer

This comes in dark grey (pictured), light grey, and purple.

If you’re trying to conceive through IVF, you may soon be met with the need to travel with expensive medicine and injection tools. This travel medicine organizer has an insulated pocket for medicines that need to stay cool, as well as safe pockets for syringes. The separated pockets will help you organize a variety of medicines and supplements.

Cooling Weighted Blanket

This cooling blanket comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and weights.

Sleep is extremely important to maintaining your physical health. However, the anxiety of trying to conceive might keep you up at night. Weighted blankets apply a light pressure all over your body to help calm your nervous system. I’ve found that a lighter, cooling blanket like this one is easier to use throughout the night.

Ice Head Wrap and Multi-Use Ice Pack

Pain and headaches may increase when dealing with the stress of trying to conceive. Using ice packs can help soothe pain and reduce pressure. Ice head wraps (often called migraine caps) are excellent for cooling off and calming down during anxiety attacks or intense headaches. I always have one in my freezer just in case. The multi-use ice wrap is great for targeted pain relief at IVF injection sites or muscle cramps.

Trying to conceive can be an intimidating journey. There are so many overwhelming emotions on top of physical stress. Remember to be open with your doctors, therapists, and support system and to reach out for help when you need it. If you’re on this journey already, remember that you are strong, deserving, and amazing. If no one else has told you today, I am proud of you and I support you!

xoxo Fil

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