We bought an RV!!!

Hello Loves!

We bought an RV!!!

Meet Franny our 2021 Forest River Salem FSX.

It has been mine and Sameer’s dream to get an RV for soooo long. Heck, last year we even contemplated selling our house and moving into one. Looking back on the chaos of my life right now, I’m not sure what we were thinking. Flash to now, two kids and one giant dog later we still have that lust for adventure but on more of a casual weekend basis haha.

So, we took the plunge and got Franny. She is so perfect for us, sure she’s small but she has space to have some cozy family time then a little bit of distance when we need it.

It’s going to be such a change in travel for us. As much as we love our luxury travel, and will continue to do those trips we love, Franny is such an important addition to the family. I can imagine us comfortably cramped, spending nights under the stars, playing board games, snuggled up together, showing our children the simple pleasures in life, the importance of quality family time, and creating memories to last a lifetime. Welcome to the fam Franny.

Follow along as we give Franny a facelift to make her a little bit more like home.

xoxo Fil

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