Hello Loves!

Oh Em Gee I had the MOST amazing weekend, and I am desperate to share it with you. (Scroll down for video)

Thank fully for the ones that follow me on Instagram, internet and cell phone reception was pretty much none existing… if it was available I would have totally spammed your Instagram feed with the awesomeness that is WAYHOME.

However it’s not too late to show you my Wayhome lookbook… I really got into the festival spirit, plus the extensive heat kind of helped with that. (WARNING: way too much skin)

Day 1:

IMG_0970  IMG_1024IMG_1021

Jacket: Vintage Top: Brandy Melville Pants: H&M Hat: Tarp Hat UK Shoes: Ardene Necklace: Aldo Sunglasses: Ebay

Day 2:

IMG_1162  IMG_1174


Jacket: Vintage Bra: Calvin Klein Shorts: H&M Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Ebay Necklace: Aldo

Day 3:

IMG_1221 IMG_1240 IMG_1222

Jacket: Vintage Bra: Urban Outfitters Shorts: Levi’s Shoes: Ardene Bandana: Claires Accessories Sunglasses: Ardene

You would have all been so proud of me, I camped for the first time in my entire life, and hardly complained… I think I was too caught up in all the excitement to even think about the fact that I was sleeping in a tent.

If you didn’t get a chance to head up north to Oro for this spectacular occasion, you missed out on a lot *sad face*, however don’t dispair because I love you all, I lugged my camera pretty much everywhere I went (minus porto pottys… your welcome) to give you a glimpse into what Wayhome is all about.

I do hope to see you all there next year!

xoxo Fil



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