Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day as a parent is so much fun! You always have a built in Valentine that you love with all your heart! Sometimes, though, February 14th can come around so quickly and you’re scrambling to find special gifts that show your babies (big or small) how much you love them. Here are some quick-shipping Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids that are sure to warm their hearts:


Skip Hop Bandana Buddy

This toy also has fox, unicorn, and dog versions.

These bandana buddies are a favorite toy for little ones who are learning about all kinds of sensory experiences. It’s filled with all kinds of textures and sounds that your baby is sure to love.

Mochi Squishy Toys

This 25 piece set ships in two to three days.

Kids are obsessed with sensory toys these days, and I can’t say I blame them! These squishy toys are simple, fun, and super cute. Most importantly, this is a great small toy that you can add into a Valentine’s Day lunchbox or send to school to share with classmates.

Donut Squishmallow

This donut-shaped squishmallow is perfectly soft and adorable.

There is a reason Squishmallows are incredibly popular; they are extremely soft, adorable, and collectible. I chose this donut style for Valentine’s Day because it’s got the perfect color scheme for V-Day celebrations. Don’t worry, I’ve linked a few more super cute versions in my Amazon storefront so you can find the best Squishmallow for your little one.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

This Creator Cam kit comes in pink or red.

Kids are seeing the possibility of a career in online content creation and influencing everywhere; their celebrities are YouTubers and TikTokers rather than traditional actors and musicians. If you’d love to cultivate their passion for content creation, but don’t feel that they’re ready for the Internet, this VTech Creator Cam set would be a great gift. It comes with a green screen, tripod, and camera. Additionally, it has its own editing software!


You can purchase this set on its own or with the deluxe design kit.

The Spirograph is a classic toy that is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids who are budding graphic designers or artists. I loved my spirograph as a child, and it really was one of those simple things that made a big impact on me. Kids today will love to create geometric works of art with the Spirograph.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Loom

The loom set comes with an option for multilingual instructions.

As soon as I saw this loom kit, I had to add it to my cart. This is a great toy to promote fine motor skills, appreciation of traditional arts, and patience. I have great memories of creating pieces on a cardboard loom in school, and I think kids today will really enjoy this simple method to create complex works of art. This is also a great starter for kids interested in punch needle rug-making, knitting, or crocheting.


Valentine TuTu Dress

This dress comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Okay, I’ll admit that this present is a little more for the mamas than the babies, but what is cuter than this big fluffy tutu dress for Valentine’s Day? Luckily, it ships quickly, so it would be great for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot with your little one.

Heart Cardigan

This sweater comes in pink, grey, navy, and yellow.

How cute is this cardigan! I love this for special Valentine’s Day events like class parties. The sizes range all the way from 3T to 12, so you can find the perfect fit for your Valentine.

“Mama is my Valentine” Set

This set comes with either red or brown pants.

This precious set makes sure everyone knows who your baby’s most important Valentine is: Mama! This cozy cotton set is perfect for a comfy family Valentine’s night in.


BabyLit Books: Pride & Prejudice

This adaptation comes in Kindle, Hardcover, and Board Book versions.

BabyLit makes adaptations of classic literature for your little ones. I chose this adaptation of Pride & Prejudice for this Valentine’s Day gifts for kids list because it’s such a classic romance story. It’s just retold to make it perfect for bedtime!

Good Night, Yoga

This book also comes in Kindle, Hardcover, and Board Book versions.

If you have a little one with an active mind or an active body, bedtime can be a real source of stress! This book can help soothe the bedtime stress and bring you and your kiddo even closer. I chose this book for Valentine’s Day because starting a nighttime yoga routine with your little one can help show them how much you love and understand them each and every day!

What I Love about Being Your Mom

This book comes in hardcover and is a great keepsake.

What I Love about Being Your Mom provides you with prompts to help you express all of the things you LOVE about your kid. In a time where kids can be so overwhelmed with opinions on social media, it’s so important that they always remember how much someone loves them at home. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift that they can keep forever.

Bake Up! Kids Cookbook

The author, Nicole Hendizadeh, is best known for her work on YouTube’s Mythical Kitchen.

Finally, developing cooking skills can be a great way for kids to gain confidence and independence. I love this cookbook for all kid cooks, from beginners to mini chefs! Also, I think you’ll make some amazing memories while working through this cookbook with your kids.

I hope this list sparks some ideas for how to show your kids how much you love them this Valentine’s Day! No matter what you choose to buy, your love and respect are the most important gifts you give your children every day.


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