Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s almost that magical time of year! That time of year when we look at the calendar and think, “It’s almost Valentine’s Day?! It was just Christmas!” Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it comes so quickly! A short timeline doesn’t have to limit the magic of V-Day. If you want to show your Valentine how much you love them (but you’re on a tight deadline) here is my list of heart-warming Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

Cozy Girl

I must admit, I am a cozy girl. When I am at home, I want to be warm, comfy, and surrounded by soft and lovely things. Here are some ideas for the cozy girl in your life:

Chunky Knit Blanket

This chunky knit blanket comes in multiple colors and ships quickly.

This chunky knit blanket is a great Valentine’s Day Gift for Readers, Tik Tok Scrollers, or Movie Lovers. It has a chic look without sacrificing coziness.

Foot Warmer

With multiple heat settings, this foot warmer offers maximum coziness.

A foot warmer is a great gift for women who work from home or women who work long hours on their feet (this definitely includes stay-at-home moms!). This is a great gift for someone who loves to relax and unwind.

Oversized Pullover

This pullover comes in a wide variety of colors.

Every cozy girl needs an unbelievably large collection of oversized sweatshirts. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them! This quarter-zip pullover is a great addition to her collection because it’s soft, easy to throw on, and comes in a ton of great colors.

Slouchy Socks

Slouchy socks are great for pairing with sneakers or house shoes.

Are you starting to see a trend? The cozy girl in your life loves warm, simple staples. She’ll love thinking of you every time she throws on her favorite outfit of leggings, slouchy socks, and an oversized sweatshirt. I love this gift because it’s so simple but just so comforting.

Budding Barista

If your partner is like me, she is inundated with aesthetic iced coffee videos online every day. These videos are so fun to watch, and are great inspiration for anyone on a quest for the ultimate coffee-at-home experience. If your partner dreams of lattes, here are some gifts for her:

De’Longhi Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi espresso maker is a classic for a reason.

This is a great, affordable, first espresso machine for anyone looking to start crafting espresso drinks at home. This is an original espresso maker, so if your love is environmentally-minded, have no fear. There are no disposable coffee pods here! These items can help you build a “starter kit” for their new machine:

Nugget Ice Maker

Yes, it makes the crunchy nugget ice.

If you are not a woman, you may not know about the “good ice”. However, you need to know about the “good ice.” This may seem over-the-top, but this countertop “good ice” maker is a huge hit, especially for iced coffee aficionados, water bottle lovers, and seltzer drinkers.

Glam Gal

If the woman in your life loves jewelry, Valentine’s Day can be a very high pressure holiday. The key to buying great V-Day jewelry is to keep it simple. Minimalist jewelry is on-trend but also timeless, simple but also stunning. Here are some great minimalist jewelry pieces that make great Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

Dried Flower Necklace

This dried flower necklace comes in Violet, Daisy, and more.

This dried flower necklace is so simple, understated, and pretty. They offer multiple different flowers dried and kept inside this minimal locket. This is a great way to get her flowers that will stay around forever!

North Star Earrings

These studs are 14K Gold.

I love the sentiment behind these North Star earrings. This is a great gift for a woman who has a true mission, passion, or core value that she follows to the ends of the earth. Remind her of her guiding light with these simple, beautiful earrings.

Birthstone Stud Earrings

These birthstone earrings are available with stones from all twelve months.

Getting a birthstone gift is very special. It shows that your Valentine took the time to seek out a personal gift just for you. I love these birthstone studs because they’re simple enough for her to work them in to her daily jewelry, but still add that personalized pop of color.

Home Builder

If your Valentine loves to create a beautifully-designed and comforting space at home, she’ll love some gifts that reflect how special her space is. Here are some gifts for women who love to design their space:

Brooklyn Candle Studio – Santorini Candle

This Santorini candle smells like fig, currants, and sandalwood.

If you’re going with a candle this Valentine’s Day….please don’t make it an ugly one! I’m joking, but you should know that a candle purchase is 75% smell, 25% aesthetics. These Brooklyn Candle Studio candles have magnificent smells, but also are minimal, sleek, and can work in so many designed spaces.

LEGO Icons Flowers

These LEGO sets are also available in orchids, bonsai, and more.

Not every home builder has a sleek aesthetic! If your Valentine has a quirky vibe or loves a retro, maximalist look, this is one of my top gift picks. Not only is this an activity you can do together, but it’s such a great keepsake to add to a groovy space.

Content Creator

If the woman you love loves to take photos for Instagram, post to her TikTok followers, or build the perfect Pinterest board, these could be some great Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

Portable Instant Printer

The HP Sprocket Printer comes in black, pearl (above), and lilac.

The HP Sprocket Printer allows you to print your social media pictures easily and on-the-go. This is the perfect present for a woman who loves to share memories with friends or family. I love that it’s a conversation piece when you can print pictures on the spot at weddings or family gatherings.

Ring Light with Tripod

This tripod holds most popular cell phones and is remote-controlled.

A ring light with tripod is a great gift to show that you support her budding YouTube Channel or Instagram! Whether she’s trying to build a big following, or just improve the look of her social media channels, this is a fun gift with tons of potential uses.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some bonus gifts that I love for Valentine’s Day 2023:

Inner World 365-Day Journaling Set

Journaling is a huge personal goal for me this year, and I love this set for anyone getting started with a daily journaling routine. This journaling set includes journals for gratitude, mindfulness, self-care, and unplugging. If you have a goal-minded Valentine aiming for personal growth this year, this is an excellent gift option.

Laneige Overnight Lip Mask

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is consistently a top seller on Amazon.

This overnight lip mask is a cult favorite and super highly rated by women all over the world. This is a great add-on gift for a skincare-obsessed Valentine.

Charcuterie Board Set

This set comes with all of the tools you need for a fabulous charcuterie set up.

Charcuterie boards of all sizes and shapes are blowing up all over social media, for good reason! It’s a great choice for entertaining, but building the boards is also a fun hobby for foodies. If your favorite girl loves to host a dinner party, this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

All of these gifts (and tons more) are linked in my Amazon Storefront.

No matter what gifts you choose, remember that the best way to make Valentine’s Day special is reminding your loved ones why you choose them each and every day. Remind her why she’s loved, appreciated, and deserving of amazing things!


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