Ultimate Quarantine First Birthday

Hello Loves!

Welcome to Skye’s first birthday post. A mix of cute birthday celebrations and thoughts that litter my mind.

This past weekend we celebrated Skye’s first birthday and I can’t help but look back on the past 365 days. I gotta admit my first year of motherhood has been a trip! It most definitely didn’t turn out as I expected, mostly thanks to quarantine testing my sanity, keeping us within our four walls and away from our loved ones. But it has most definitely been one for the books.

The past year has been a year of learning for me. A year of taking a hard look in the mirror, tearing myself down, and building myself up again. It’s been a year of changing my entire being, focusing all my attention on this wonderful tiny ball of joy. This year has had the most incredible ups and the most devastating downs.

That’s why when it came to Skye’s birthday, a year of being parents and surviving, I knew I had to do something special. Even if it was just for the 3 of us.


I’ve been seeing balloon garlands everywhere and at one point was going to just buy myself one for the heck of it, why not?! Pushing my balloon temptations away, I was able to hold off and save the garland display for this big day. After scouring the pages of Etsy, I came across a local Toronto balloon merchant, Party Bar Co. They came through with the colourful goods. With a boho vibe in mind we ended up going with a custom design, Shelly helped walk us through the process to create the 10ft garland of our dreams.

Although there weren’t any guests, the decorations truly made it a party.

To finish off the vibe, we added some massive stuffed toys, that for some reason we already had. I mean you never know when you’ll need a 5ft giraffe. Haha.

Order your balloons here


You can’t have a birthday without cake. We knew that we wanted to do some sort of cake smash for Skye’s birthday, so we ended up getting two cakes. One to destroy and one to eat. After researching to the high hilts, we stumbled across a local bakery, Sweet Time, that works alongside a local florist. It was the perfect collaboration as they made my cake dreams, not only once but TWICE. Skye’s cakes were everything I could have imagined. A boho ombre one for the big day and a softer natural cake for seconds. The icing on the top of the cake wasn’t just the frosting, which was delicious, but the incredible florals on top. I mean, these pictures speak for themselves.

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I had spent hoooooooouuuuuuuurs on the internet looking for Skye’s perfect birthday look and found nada. Everything I liked was either sold out or way too expensive. Since when do kids clothes cost more than mine?! I knew that we wanted to do a cake smash, so I didn’t want to buy something only for it to be ruined in the process. I had ordered from PatPat before and loved their pieces, the prices are also sooo good. Anyway, I came across their mummy and me section and squealed out loud. Matching birthday outfits for me and my bestie, yes please. I bought quite a few looks, but decided on this matching burnt orange dress and baby romper. It was the most perfect compliment to our decor. As for Skye’s whimsical birthday hat, that was the talents of her Gigi.

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Skye’s favourite book is Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, based on Lewis Carroll books. I’ve read it so much that I actually know it off by heart. “Later, Alice finds a disappearing cheshire cat sitting on a branch. I wish you wouldn’t keep appearing and vanishing so suddenly. Says Alice to the cat”, is my fave part. Haha. Anyway, Skye cries for this book, over and over again and although we love to read it to her, we definitely needed to switch up the reading material. So Sameer had the brilliant idea to buy basically all the books from the bedtime classics collection. They are going down a treat.

We also bought the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen. I won’t go into too much detail about this one, as we have a full blog post coming out in a couple of days. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the hacks being done on these kitchens, but that’s what we did. All I can tell you is it’s actually my dream kitchen. Ooo the anticipation.

Buy your books here

Buy your IKEA kitchen here

Although Skye’s first birthday wasn’t exactly as I had imagined, it was the most perfect day to a more than incredible year. The three muskateers doing what we do best, having a good ol’ laugh together.

xoxo Fil

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