Travel Essentials: Must-Pack in 2023!

Ready to travel in 2023? Here are my absolute must-have travel essentials.

Travel is all about adventure, spontaneity, and stepping outside your normal surroundings. However, being ill-prepared for a trip can make that adventure a lot less enjoyable.

As you prepare to journey to dream locations this year, make sure you’re packing these travel essentials.

Packing Professional

Packing Cubes

These packing cubes come in nine different colors.

Packing cubes are a life-saver for organizing your suitcase! This set from Amazon comes with nine pieces in a variety of sizes and a wide range of colors.

Set of Travel Bottles

You can purchase an additional three bottles to add on to your kit.

Travel Bottles are essential for a few reasons. First, they allow you to bring smaller amounts of your necessary toiletries in a smaller carry-on bag. Second, they prevent you from losing a large amount of expensive skin-care or beauty items in a lost or tossed-around bag. Finally, they eliminate the need to pack huge bottles of shampoo or lotion that could take up too much of your suitcase space.

Travel Jewelry Box

This jewelry organizer has compartments for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your bag and finding a broken earring or a tangled necklace. Jewelry can have enormous sentimental value, so it’s important to keep it safe and organized when traveling.

Sunglasses Organizer

There are twelve color and pattern options available for this sunglass organizer.

The right pair of sunglasses for every outfit is absolutely key for the perfect holiday photos, but throwing all of your sunglasses in your purse or tote can result in scratched lenses or broken frames. This sunglasses organizer lets you pack five pairs of sunglasses safely without taking up too much room in your bag.

Road to Relaxation

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle’s screen is matte and makes reading eBooks more like the real thing.

The first thing I want to do on vacation? Read books on the beach. The absolute last thing I want to do on vacation? Carry a heavy bag of books to the beach. The Kindle is an absolute must-have for any tropical travel. With a Kindle, you can switch from your favorite beach read romance to a bedtime story for the kids without having to pack your whole library.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose has been a trusted leader in audio equipment for years.

If you like to stick to your daily mindfulness routine while on vacation, it can be hard to find a quiet space to meditate or journal when sharing a hotel room with the family. I love having noise-cancelling earbuds with me on vacation so that I can have those truly quiet moments to relax and reset. They don’t hurt to have on a crowded plane, either!

Healthy and Happy

Tide To-Go Pens

Amazon often runs promotions on this item where you could get money off for stocking up on a large quantity.

Let’s be real: we’re going to spill some wine on our clothes on vacation. Our kids are going to get juice on their blankets. This is reality! Make sure you have a Tide To-Go pen on hand to reduce permanent stains and eliminate the stress of being far away from your washing machine.

Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes

These Clorox wipes are absolutely a travel essential for 2023. Buy in bulk to ensure you always have some on hand.

It’s absolutely normal to have some health anxiety about travelling in 2023. If you want to do your best to keep your family safe while they’re away from home, you’ll need to have a way to clean and disinfect. Clorox sells their disinfecting wipes in these handy on-the-go packs. I like to pack one in each bag–my purse, my suitcase, my carry-on–so that wherever I go on vacation I know I’ll have one ready.

Safe Travels

Portable Door Lock

The portable door locks add an extra layer of security to a hotel door.

I love an adventure and part of that is accepting that I may have to do some additional things to ensure my safety while I’m traveling. This portable door lock is small and easy-to-pack, but provides extra peace of mind while staying away from home.

Universal Travel Adapter

This plug is equipped for travel in Europe, the UK, Australia, the US and Asia.

Having a charged phone is not only a travel essential for family photos and finding great restaurants, but it’s an important part of staying safe. These universal travel adapters allow you to charge your electronics anywhere you might visit!

Apple AirTag and AirTag Loop

The Air Tag Loop comes in four modern colors.

Finally, Apple AirTags are travel essentials due to the increase in lost luggage at airports. They are surprisingly affordable and let you keep tabs on your important belongings, no matter where you are. Apple sells these easy to use leather loops that help you attach your AirTags to your bags.

I hope this list of travel essentials helps you feel safe, relaxed, and organized on your next exciting trip!


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