Tips to Being the Best Instahusband

Hello Heroes,

Are you ready for my sequel to “The Man Behind the Lens” article I wrote last year??? Apparently, a lot of my fellow husbands out there could definitely relate. Well, one year on and a little stronger, more resilient to the curse words and glutes I am proud of, WE MADE IT!!!

I know all this can be overwhelming but we have to join forces and work together. Here are a few more tips and tricks to getting the job done!!!


Yes planning! I know, I know, what did I sign up for. Well believe it or not there is no Opt-Out button, you’re in it for the long hall. So get on the same page, the worst thing you can do is show up on the day of a shoot and have no clue what you’re doing or what you’re shooting. Trust me I’ve learnt the hard way. To get some brownie points, organize a quick briefing the day before or the morning of. Talk about what you’re shooting for, any inspiration shots she has, and what the focus is. She will love you for it, THANK ME LATER!

Filipa and I recently rented a studio to capture some content. We booked it for one hour, yes I know a whole hour! But jeez did it go by fast. You’re basically running around trying to get the shot. Now if we didn’t have our quick brownie point briefing the night before, I would have no clue what we were even shooting for. It helps, trust me! Worst part was, I took nearly 600 pictures in the hour and it was the first 2 that we settled on. *Banging my head on the floor*

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Not your equipment, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean what you shoot with, ok ok come on stop it! HAHAHA! I mean what you shoot her pictures with. Get to know your equipment. Understand what that button does, what this wheel changes, and how to use this feature. It all helps to get your content done and you out of there.

Another thing, make sure you have all of the equipment! She has enough to worry about; getting the campaign, what to wear, her inspiration, what to shoot, where to shoot, and probably editing as well. The least you could do is make sure the battery is charged and you got a memory card in for god’s sake.


This is something I struggle with the most! Balls; just plain having them when it comes to shooting those gosh darn embarrassing shots. Mine tend to shrivel up and sometimes completely disappear. Well there is no secret pill or no holistic cure, but just manning up. It will just come with practice and experience. I am a wreck when she asks me to set up our beloved tripod Bob and do a couples shot in the middle of a busy tourist attraction. I’ve always thought of maybe getting a PRESS t-shirt, maybe this way it at least looks like my job. Maybe that will help!


Well enough talking about balls, I think most importantly have fun! Remember this team you are part of takes you to some pretty cool places, shows you things you would never see, and just plain old lets you live your best life. Thank her everyday for being who she is, because damn it, it isn’t easy!

That’s all from me. Remember I am just a click away so if you’ve got questions, concerns, or comments, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Instahusband out,

Sameer @playingwithapparelmen



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