Tips For Eating Out With Baby

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Eating out with Skye has been our favourite past time. You guys are crazy! I can hear yelling at the screen. Call us crazy, but we always knew that we wanted to be the kind of family that did everything together, and that included dining in public spaces.

It hasn’t always been the most smooth sailing of extra curricular activities, sure food has been thrown across the room, sure Skye has screamed at the top of her lungs, sure I’ve even walked out of the room pretending I’m not with them. JK, on the last one, but I have been close.

But there are some things we’ve learnt over time that help make eating out with baby a lot more enjoyable.

Just Start

So we didn’t start eating out with Skye as young as we wanted to because of COVID keeping us hibernating, however once phase 3 hit we jumped at the chance to eat out. Skye was 6 months old at the time. But the earlier you start the better. Get baby used to eating amongst company… it’s nothing new, you’ve done this a million times.

Embrace The Craze

Listen, kids will be kids, they won’t be seen but not heard (an expression I hate by the way). The biggest hurdle I found was to stop being embarrassed when Skye made a noise. People really didn’t care, in fact she catches their attention and they reply with coos and smiles. Why doesn’t that happen when I cry in public?

Pack Your Bags

The biggest mistake I made at the start of this venture was not packing my bag properly. No more lippy and powders tucked in my bag. Instead it’s jam packed with dining out baby essentials…

  • Toys! Here comes Sophie the giraffe to the rescue! Toys are essential. But just when you think you’ve packed enough, pack some more haha
  • Books, just like toys books are great to keep little hands entertained.
  • Bibs, let’s try not to ruin our clothes in the process shall we. However, for some reason food still always ends up everywhere.
  • Wipes, wipes, WIPES! These moist (eww hate that word) pieces of material are gold. You will need plenty of them, so pack wisely.


Now that Skye is at the age where she can eat off the menu, we still bring her own tried and tested eats. This includes good ol’ pouches, we just love the Heinz By Nature ones, Baby Mum Mums, and cheerios. When it comes to bringing food, we like variety, just when Skye is bored of one thing we can whip out another.

Eating out has been a lovely way for us to bond, to sit around the table enjoying delicious food and great conversation as a family.

xoxo Fil

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