The lost blog post … TBT

Hello Loves!

So as I sit here on my chaise lounge with a big mug of tea, in my mismatched pj’s (yes it is 12:00pm… don’t judge)…  recovering from a spectacular Canada Day. I attempted to do my annual Macbook clean out, when I stumbled across a lost blog post!

I am not sure my purpose of this blog post was going to be, as I didn’t finish writing it. But this little Narces sequin number was way too cute to just throw away… HEY it will be a TBT!

So enjoy!



Wearing my fav Narces party dress, and my classic Nine West Booties…to you know, ‘dress it down a little’.

PicMonkey Collage1


This dress is COVERED in delicate yellow, silver and gold sequins… it really is a piece of art.


I belted this dress to give me more of a waist.


PicMonkey CollageI added a Rotita trench coat for some coverage.


Trench: Rotita Dress: Narces Boots: Nine West

xoxo Fil

Special thanks to: Narces


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