The Fourth Trimester Must Haves

The fourth trimester — or the first three months post-partum — is vital for the health of mum and baby. This time is terrifying and beautiful, restless and calm, nerve-wracking and fulfilling. Most of all, it is so precious and important.

One of the best ways to help maintain your focus on what matters is by preparing as much as possible before the due date comes. Of course, unexpected needs will come up! But the more tools you have on hand, the better you can weather those rocky moments. I created this list of essentials for mum with the hopes of making this precious, postpartum time a little easier.

Mum Aftercare

These products will help mama heal from some of the physical after-effects of birth. New mums should remember that their body will be healing from major physical changes while caring for a brand new baby. It’s absolutely imperative that moms take care of themselves and their bodies in the fourth trimester. These products can help moms heal comfortably while experiencing those perfect newborn baby moments.

Witch-Hazel Cooling Pads

Stock up on these cooling liners in the seventh or eighth month so you’ll have plenty on hand when baby arrives.

Upside Down Peri Bottle

You can bundle these post-partum items to help mum stay comfortable during the fourth trimester.

New Mama Bottom Spray

This is a great choice for mamas with sensitive skin or worries about preservatives or other chemicals.

Breast Therapy Packs

These cooling packs will be a huge relief for nursing mothers in the first three months postpartum.

Always Discreet Disposable Underwear

You can set up a subscription for these so that you don’t have to think about them in the chaos of the fourth trimester.

Ease and Comfort

Remember how you used to do things with two hands? Like opening up a water bottle, putting on shoes, or getting dressed in your favorite outfit? That might not be entirely possible with a brand new baby in your arms! Instead of struggling with these tasks in the fourth trimester, you can prepare by getting some tools that can make caring for yourself while caring for your baby just a little easier.

Runners Water Bottle

You will be holding a new baby in your arms and little things like opening a water bottle will be a lot more difficult.

Comfy Sweats

These sweatpants have 4.6 stars on Amazon for their comfort and durability.

Pajamas with Easy Open Top for Nursing

Make sure you’re making nighttime feedings as easy as possible with a button-down pajama top.

Standing Shoehorn

This tool helps you put shoes on while standing, making it easier to get dressed while holding your new arrival.

Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

Once you’ve gotten everything you need to prepare for those first few months postpartum, here are a few things you can do to help make the transition to parenthood a little easier:

  1. Set up a plan for diaper/formula/wipe purchases.
    • Some purchases for a new baby happen very frequently. Here are some ways to prep for having these items on hand:
      • Stockpile a large number of newborn and size 1 diapers before baby comes. You’ll need way more than you predict, so buy a few boxes every time you head to the store in the last three months before your due date.
      • Set up a recurring subscription for your favorite diaper brand on Amazon prior to your due date.
      • Designate a close family member as “on call for diaper runs.”
  2. Prepare for postpartum meals:
    • Set up a meal train prior to your due date that schedules a day and time for family and friends to drop meals off at your home. You may want to prepare a food allergies and preferences list to send out with the meal train sign up.
    • Prep large meals in disposable aluminum pans that can be frozen and then thrown in the oven when they are needed.
    • Sign up for a premium membership to an online food delivery service. This helps you get the best deals in those first few months home with baby.
  3. Discuss roles and responsibilities with your partner or family who may be helping with the baby.
    • The last thing you want to do once the baby arrives is have tense discussions or arguments about roles around the house. Discuss these things prior to baby’s arrival:
      • Managing household chores like laundry, dishes, trash, etc.
      • Acknowledging exhaustion or needs once the baby is born. You can set up a neutral phrase that lets your partner know you need help.
      • Scheduling time for visits from family. Hospitals have “visiting hours” for a reason. You can set these same time frames with friends and family to make sure to protect special time with your new little one.

Remember that, as a new mom, your number one priority during the Fourth Trimester is caring for yourself and your baby. No matter what happens in these first three months, understand that you are a strong, capable mother! It is always appropriate to reach out for help if you need it!

xoxo Fil

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