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Hello Loves!

I was recently contacted by this AMAZING company, TarpHat. They were nice enough to share who they are and what they did, and I want to share their story.


Size Small, Very Rare Tarp Hat, Camo Paracord


Ana (TarpHat founder) BORN in the Amazonian rainforest (hella cool), created TarpHat, not only to give back to her homeland but create fashionable items using recycled items.

TarpHat Amazonian tarp hats are actually made from recycled canvas truck tarpaulins, they are hand crafted by local Brazilian villagers. Due to the fact that each hat is recycled not one will be the same, each hat is 100% unique…pretty cool!

Not only does Ana help create jobs in the Amazonian region of Brazil, but for every hat purchased 50p will be donated toward installing fresh water wells in the remote villages in the Brazilian Amazonian rain forest.


Ana was kind enough to send me a TarpHat to help illustrate to my western friends how effortlessly cool the TarpHat is! Like I have been seriously living in it.

TarpHat is perfect for the summer weather, especially as I am prone to a yearly episode of heat stroke.








Hat: TarpHat T-Shirt: Forever21 Jeans: Aeropostal Shoes: Nine West Necklace: H&M

  • All tarp hats have solid brass eyelets
  • They are completely waterproof
  • All products are made using ethical practices

So if your heading to the jungle, horse back riding, dancing at a festival or just straight chilling in your garden… the TarpHat is in my books the MUST HAVE hat of summer!

Go check them out: www.tarphat.co.uk

They have loads of information available for you on their webpage, and if you still have questions shoot them an e-mail they would be more than happy to help.

OH ALSO Ana gave me a super cool promo

Get 10% off your order by using the coupon code: WATERHAT

xoxo Fil


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