Stolen clothes

Hello Loves!

Do you ever look at the piles of clothing in your closet and find nothing to wear? I seem to find myself in this predicament quite often.

I have recently found a solution to this ridiculous problem… raiding my mans closet.

I mean is it just me or do your boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husbands clothing always look so much more appealing than your own? Especially the sweaters… they even fit better than all my sweaters. Oh the cruel world of retail.



Luckily for me, Sameer (my fiancĂ©) has quite a cool fashion sense, so his closet is ripe for the picking. Although he may not know of this theory… that was until now. SURPRISE!



With thanks to my 10 year relationship I was able to steal this luxurious speckled grey knit sweater, and a crazy cool denim vest. You know me… I love a bit of grunge.





Vest: Levi Sweater: Cedar Wood State Shorts: Forever 21 Boots:Ebay

Thank you Sameer for having impeccable taste.

Photography by the talented: Veronika Kovecses

xoxo Fil


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