Self-Care Day 2023

Recently I talked about my mum wellness routine and how I maintain a healthy lifestyle with a busy mum schedule. All of those things are great for my day-to-day, but sometimes I need a BIG self-care day. On this day, I pamper myself to the fullest! In order to get prepared for an upcoming Self-Care Day, I put together a list of all of my favourite self-care essentials. And since I’m assuming all of you are probably in the mood for a day off…I’ll walk through my favourite self-care activities too!

You can see the full list of my self-care essentials on my Amazon Storefront.

Step 1 – Prepare the Others

The most important part of my self-care day is that it is all for me! Especially as a mum, it’s rare that I get a day where I’m truly on my own – no questions, no requests, no decisions. When I know I’m going to need a true day on my own, I have to prepare my family. Here are some things I make sure to mention:

  1. “I need time to reset.” – Sometimes we have a tendency to downplay what we need in order to avoid inconveniencing other people. Make sure you’re clear! A break is necessary and normal.
  2. “Here are some basic guidelines: ” – I know it sounds a little dramatic, but if you’re taking a self-care day in the house, you do need to have some basic guidelines. Maybe it’s the way they communicate with you that day (only emergencies via phone calls) or something as simple as, “for that night, I need you to cook dinner and clean up”.

The first time you set up an official self-care day, you might feel a little silly setting up guidelines for the day. But I can assure you, a misunderstanding is not what you want to be dealing with on your day off! Being clear up front helps you prevent any worries or conflicts on your restful day.

Step 2 – Sleep In!

There’s no rush on a self-care day. Leave the alarm off and burrow deep into the covers! Sleep is so important for our mental and physical help, and getting some extra hours can make this day feel even more relaxing.

If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, I put together a list of some of the things I recommend for your best sleep.

Step 3 – The Best Bath Ever

I love a nice, warm bath every now and again. It’s really indulgent and restorative. Before I get in the bath, I love to make a perfect cup of tea. Everyone has their favorite, but I love:

  1. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice
  2. Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Once I’ve got my cup of tea, it’s time to soak in some suds. Bubble baths and bath bombs can often have a ton of added ingredients just for appearance. Because of that, I prefer a bath salt. I like Detox Lemon & Ginger Epsom Salt and Dr. Teal’s Black Elderberry Epsom Salt.

Step 4 – Skin Care Refresh

I try to make skin care an essential part of my everyday routine, but we know there are those days when we run out the door with just our sunscreen! On my self-care day, I like to get a full routine in so I can feel super refreshed. Here are some products I love:

Cerave Resurfacing Retinol Serum

Grace & Stella Under-Eye Masks

Neutrogena HydroBoost

Step 5 – Relaxation Station

After I’ve enjoyed my pampering session, I like to use my self-care day to really veg out. Relax, do nothing, and avoid responsibilities. Here are some things I love to do:

  1. Take a midday nap. I like this cooled or heated eye mask to truly wind down.
  2. Binge watch a show. I love to throw on my cozy socks and watch silly reality TV or a movie I missed that I really wanted to see.
  3. Read for hours. If you’re a bookworm, there’s nothing like a self-care day to keep up on all of the books you missed! I like this Kindle because I can go from book to book really easily.
  4. Kick my feet up. Running around each and every day makes my feet so tired. On my self-care day, I really like to focus on giving my feet a rest. I love this mint foot balm; it’s so calming.

I know I say this constantly, but you deserve time to yourself to reset, refresh, and restore your mind! It’s so important to prioritize your self-care as often as possible. Enjoy your next self-care day to the fullest!

xoxo Fil

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