Self-Care: Caring for My Body

Let’s get real. Being a mum changes your body forever, not just in those first few months postpartum. Running after kids, prioritizing the health and safety of others, changing sleep routines…all of these things affect the way your body looks and feels. I put together a list of some of the ways I practice self-care for my “mom bod”.

First Things First: Self Talk

Self-care starts with appreciating your body. One of the most harmful things we can do for our bodies is to talk negatively about them. I like to do daily affirmations, and these are some that have helped me have a better relationship with my body:

  1. “This body gave me my greatest gifts.”
  2. “This body is strong and powerful.”
  3. “I am grateful for my ability to move.”
    • You can replace “move” with anything you’re grateful for! I am grateful for my ability to hold my children, to do yoga, to walk my dog, to swim…anything works!
  4. “I am beautiful.”

You can customize the affirmations to reflect how you feel (or want to feel!) about your body. When you catch yourself throughout the day thinking negative thoughts about your body, try to replace them with one of your affirmations! This is also a great way to set a good example for your kids. If they hear you speaking positively about your body, they’ll learn to think positively about their own.

Benefits of Habit Tracking

A few months ago, I released free digital planner templates that I use to manage the daily ins and outs of motherhood. One of these includes a habit tracker that helps me keep up with my most important daily self-care habits:

  1. Showering, Brushing my Teeth, and Washing my Face.
  2. Getting fresh air.
  3. Moving my body.
  4. Complimenting myself.
  5. Laughing with my kids.
  6. Making my home comfortable.
  7. Drinking water.

At the end of the week, looking back at my habit tracker can help me identify the habits that I skip most often. Then I can reflect and ask myself, “Why don’t I compliment myself daily?” or “What’s preventing me from moving my body each day?” Tracking my habits has really helped me take better care of my body.

Finding the Right Self-Care Products

Taking care of your body is not all about buying the right products, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Understanding what makes your body feel healthy and well taken care of can make self-care a lot simpler and more effective.

I put together a list on my Amazon storefront of all of the products I love for a super self-care day. All of these items are great, but if you’re looking for specific body care products, here are some I can’t live without:

  1. Bare Botanics Salt Scrub
  2. Hempz Herbal Body Lotion
  3. Exfoliating Nets
  4. Gold Bond Renewal Whipped Shea Butter
  5. Weleda Skin Food

Don’t let yourself forget that your body got you where you are today! No matter what stretch marks, cellulite, bumps, or bruises it carries, it also carries your heart and your mind. You should celebrate your body and its beauty every single day.

xoxo Fil

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