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I am sure most of you are well aware that ‘Wayhome’ festival begins today (or at least camping)… and with the alarming threat of fries smothered in gravy, burgers dripping with grease and an abundant amount of ice cream cones awaiting patiently to be consumed, I thought it might be a good idea to pre-condition my body for one hell of a weekend.

Thankfully for me, just a stones throw away, stands Ripe, a organic cold pressed juicery.

IMG_0689118 Dunlop St E, Barrie

Within Ripe’s brick and barn wood paneled walls stands two ‘beautiful’ women, Meghan and Lindsay (founders of Ripe), who are dedicated in bringing the best raw, organic, unpasteurized collection of products to every person that passes through their glass doors.



Ripe offers an extensive menu of fresh: cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads, acai bowls, fruit parfaits and cleanses … perfect for a after weekend recovery session.


Their cold pressed fridge offers an array of colours and tastes.


Some of my fav cold pressed juices are:

Friendship Juice, Recovery Lemonade, Quench, and Wake Up


Ripe also offers Elixers which are health booster shots:

Defender, E3 Live, Aloe



Ripe has quickly become my local hangout. The store provides an abundant amount of comfortable seating to allow chats with friends, or even conversations with the accommodating staff.




What I wore: Shirt: Old Navy Pants: H&M Shoes: Forever 21 Necklace: Aldo Earrings: Ardene

So if your going to Wayhome or just having a casual weekend at home, Ripe is there for you to cleanse out your system and get back to normal. Open Monday – Sunday.

xoxo Fil


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