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I remember reading so much as a child. I loved collecting books, reading new stories, and meeting new characters. As I got older, life got busier. I got married, had kids, and suddenly my world revolved around something new. However, a lot of my favorite hobbies got lost – including reading. In the past year or so, I’ve been focused on taking better care of myself so I can be the best mom I can be. As a part of revisiting the things that make me happy, I’ve begun to love spending time reading again. Knowing that so many moms experience something similar, I’m sharing some of the strategies that helped me get back into reading after a long time away from books.

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Join a Community

Sometimes having a reading hobby can feel a little lonely. Even if you love to read, it can be hard to get back into reading regularly if you don’t have anyone to talk to about what you’re reading. Finding people who love books and who will love to talk to you about books can help you feel excited about reading again. Here are some ways to seek out a book community:

  1. Follow Creators on Social Media – Explore the #booktok or #bookstagram community and find creators that you relate to. There are so many diverse, wonderful readers sharing their favorite books all over social media. This will help you meet and connect with readers and get amazing recommendations.
  2. StoryGraph Reading ChallengesStoryGraph is a reading social media app where you can track your reading, review books, and connect with friends. They also have a great feature called “Reading Challenges” where you can join a group that’s tackling a specific challenge like, “Read 20 books by BIPOC authors this year” or “Read a book from 5 different genres”. This is a great way to connect to other readers with your interests.
  3. Search for Community Book Clubs – There are probably so many readers in your area! Check bulletin boards in local cafes, libraries, or book stores. Facebook is also a great way to search for book clubs in your area. It can be a little intimidating to meet new people in person, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable at first, try bringing a friend or your partner with you.

Set Up a Reading Nook

Reading is one of those hobbies where you need to be 100% comfortable to really enjoy it. One of the best parts of having reading as a hobby is getting to snuggle up under blankets and drink a cup of tea while you do it! Here are some things I’ve loved having as a part of my corner-of-the-couch reading nook:

Heated Blanket: Snuggling up under a heated blanket somehow makes a book that much better. This is a fluffy, comfy, option that’s less than $50.

Reading Pillow: This reading pillow is an absolute reading game-changer. It supports your back and your book, so you’ll be so comfortable you won’t want to ever get up.

Kindle Remote: I love reading on my Kindle, but I’ll be honest, sometimes I can’t be bothered to move my arms to change the page when I’m in the comfiest reading position possible. This Kindle remote makes it easy to set up your Kindle in the bath or bed and change the pages without getting uncomfortable.

Reading Light: If you’re a mom reader, you know that sometimes your reading time will come in the middle of the night when the kids are asleep. Try this light for the perfect post-illumination book time.

Electric Mug: This temperature-controlled heating mug is a splurge, but so worth it. It keeps your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate at the perfect temperature while you’re reading. It’s a cozy must-have.

Build a TBR List

If you’re just getting back into reading after a long slump, you may feel a little bit out of touch with what you want to read. Scrolling socials or strolling through a book shop can help you pick out books that spark your interest. Adding books to a To Be Read list (or TBR) can help you get excited about reading again by adding that oh-so-satisfying feeling of checking things off of a list!

I built my TBR on Amazon, and if you need inspiration to start yours off, you can find mine here.

Now it’s time for the end-of-the-blog real talk. As a mom, I know you might feel guilty about spending a couple of hours curled up reading. You probably have one million other things you feel like you could or should be doing. However, I want to encourage you to try to take this time for yourself. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Taking time for yourself is such an important part of being a great mother. Happy reading! You deserve it.

xoxo Fil

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