Products to Reduce Postpartum Hair Loss

Pregnancy, birth, and being a new mum all take an intense toll on our bodies. While there is a lot we can do to ease our recovery, it can be discouraging to watch your body change in the first few months postpartum. Sudden hormone changes can lead to increased hair loss. If you’re seeing more hair loss as a new mom, don’t panic! This is a totally normal reaction to the drop in estrogen levels after giving birth. Even though it’s normal, thinning hair can be frustrating. If you’re ready to reclaim your hair’s thickness and strength, here are some products to reduce postpartum hair loss.

Repairing Hair from the Inside Out

Garden of Life – MyKind Organic Prenatal Vitamins

These vitamins are sourced from whole foods.

According to The Cleveland Clinic, taking prenatal vitamins in the first few months postpartum can help reduce hair loss. This is due to the Folates or Folic Acid present in prenatal vitamins. This specific prenatal vitamin also has a high amount of biotin which may increase hair strength. As always, consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your daily routine.

The Happy Hormone Guide Cookbook

This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions.

Since postpartum hair loss is related to hormonal shifts, balancing your hormone levels through a balanced diet can help reduce the impact on your hair. This book provides a lot of critical information about how certain foods can impact your postpartum hormonal balance. Just like the supplements, make sure you talk with your doctor before implementing any big changes in your diet.

For Wash Day

Kitsch Rice Water Shampoo Bar

This bar is available in a castor oil version as well.

If you’re looking for products to reduce postpartum hair loss, you do not want to miss out on rice water protein. This Kitsch solid shampoo bar has stellar reviews from thousands of users looking to increase hair thickness and strength. If you’ve never tried solid shampoo, it’s not just a low waste gimmick. Solid shampoo is easy-to-use, reduces waste, and is super effective. If it’s your first time using a solid shampoo, you may want to purchase a soap bar bag for your shower.

MiHair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This scalp brush comes in mint green and pink.

Many hair care specialists believe that massaging shampoo into the scalp can help stimulate hair growth. While postpartum hormone changes can cause hair to fall, this scalp massager can help new hair grow in its place.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

This Shea Moisture Conditioner is one of our favorite products to reduce postpartum hair loss.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been praised for years as a hair strengthening treatment. Shea Moisture was founded by a Liberian American family that formulated the products based on long-standing natural beauty preparations from Sierra Leone and Liberia. The formulas are trustworthy, reliable, and effective. If you have a sensitive scalp, Shea Moisture’s products could work for you! This formula is super strengthening and restorative.

Leave-In Treatments

Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil

This rosemary mint oil costs around $18.99 on Amazon.

If this product is in stock, you better buy it! This highly coveted hair oil has gained popularity for its super effective rosemary mint oil blend. If you have thicker or coarser hair, you can leave this oil in all day! If you have thinner hair, you may want to leave the oil in for a few hours before washing out in the shower. Either way, this is a cult favorite for a reason! It works.

Bloom Rosemary Infused Rice Water

Bloom Health Goods products are made in the USA.

Rice water and rosemary are the two powerhouse players in the hair growth thickness fight. This lightweight mist combines those two elements into one effective leave-in spray. This formula is great for all hair types and textures because it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals. This is a great addition to your wash day routine.

Maintaining Hair Strength

Silk Hair Bonnet

This bonnet comes in a variety of colors.

Next, try this silk hair bonnet. Sleeping in a silk bonnet helps maintain hair softness and protect it from pulling and tugging caused by moving in your sleep. If you like to keep your hair out of your face at night, this is a great solution that also protects your hair.

Large Claw Clips

These claw clips come in a neutral and a bright pack.

As a new mom, you’ll definitely want to keep your hair out of your face. However, using scrunchies and elastic hair ties risks pulling out even more hair! In order to reduce postpartum hair loss, switch to large, loose claw clips and pull your hair back into a loose updo.

Heatless Curler Set

This set comes in charcoal and this sunset tie-dye color.

Like elastic bands, heat styling methods can increase hair loss. For the first few months postpartum, you’ll want to experiment with more natural hair styles. This heatless curling set can help you get smooth, bouncy curls without damaging your hair.

Managing New Growth

Soft Hair Wraps

These headbands come in a variety of colors.

If you’re successfully growing new hair back after giving birth, you’ll see an increase in “baby hairs” or flyaway hairs near the front of your hairline. This is great! However, it can be frustrating to style. For quick trips to the grocery store or yoga class, you’ll want to have some of these soft hair bands on hand to keep those flyaways down.

Bed Head Hair Stick

This trending hair stick is one of my favorite products to manage new hair growth.

This TIGI Bed Head hair stick has been making waves online for the quick and easy way it keeps baby hairs in place. If you’re experiencing rapid hair regrowth, this stick could help you manage those flyaways without heat or harsh chemicals.

If the changes you experience during the postpartum period are becoming frustrating or overwhelming, make sure to reach out for support! You are not alone, and moms everywhere can relate to the stress of seeing your life and body change after giving birth. Don’t forget to make taking care of YOU a priority during the postpartum period.

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