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This post was sponsored by JOHNSON’S®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about Skye’s bedtime routine, I’d be a very rich lady! Well today you’re in luck, because I have partnered with JOHNSON’S® and their incredible line of BEDTIME® time products.

When Skye turned 4 months, we really started to work on her bedtime routine. We knew that implementing a solid bedtime routine of bath, massage, and book would not only help Skye fall asleep but keep her asleep longer. Yay to getting my life back haha.


So before I get into what you’re all here for, Skye’s schedule, let me chat a little about JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® collection. JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® line includes their Moisture Wash , which removes 99% of germs, their Bubble Bath, and their Lotion ,which has a clinically proven mildness formula, and is super soft and gentle on Skye’s sensitive skin. They include JOHNSON’S® famous No More Tears® formula, and NATURALCALM® aromas which helps you have an enjoyable relaxing experience for your baby before bed. Adding JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® products into our personal routine has been a wonderful way for Sameer and I to take the time to bond with our little one.

Skye’s Bedtime Routine

6:30pm – Dinner

Skye is currently practicing BLW (baby led weaning… blog post to come). This is a wonderful time for us to sit together as a family and enjoy a delicious meal… that Sameer cooked haha.

7:00pm – Bath

I love taking baths with Skye, I always have. Now Skye is a little older it’s so much more fun! We add JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Bubble Bath to the mix, Skye loves splashing around popping all the bubbles. Not going to lie, I like to join in too!

To polish off our bath time, I scrub Skye down with JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Moisture Wash. Let me tell you, this stuff leaves Skye’s skin extra baby soft. I used it last night during her bath, and my mum couldn’t get over how soft Skye was. It also smells incredible! JOHNSON’S® knows how to do scents.

7:30pm – Massage & Book

One of my fave moments of this whole routine, massage time. Skye loves getting a massage. I use JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Lotion, this silky smooth cream literally glides over Skye’s delicate skin. It’s such a wonderful, peaceful time.

Then it’s unwind time. We do this by getting into our cozy chair and reading one of our many favourite books. Skye loves to snuggle into me while I slowly turn the pages.

8:00pm – Bed

Now that Skye is super sleepy it’s time for bed. I put on her trusty sound machine, with a warm red light glow, and get her all cozy in her sleep sack. I say my goodnights and close the door. Ahhhh.

Our bedtime routine is the best part of the day, it is our time to bond as a family, to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the day. It also doesn’t hurt that JOHNSON’S® 3-Step bedtime routine, consisting of a warm bath, gentle massage, and quiet time, is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It’s a win, win for all.

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