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It’s the blog post you’ve all been waiting for, Skye’s nursery reveal! Ok, so this is Skye’s second bedroom, we moved to our new place in July 2020 and while I would have hoped to share this room with you a lot sooner, I just wasn’t in a rush to get it done this time. With Skye’s first nursery I was desperate to complete it quickly, must have been the nesting hormones, because this time we still aren’t 100% done. But hey ho. Anyway without further ado here is the best room in our house.


We didn’t really have a plan when it came to Skye’s bedroom, basically the story of my life. I knew the colours I liked and I just went with them, it ended up turning out to be rather boho. I’m not complaining at all, in fact if I was to plan, then my Pinterest board would be covered in bohemian inspiration.


Probably the hardest part about fitting out Skye’s nursery had to be the paint. Oh boy, did we ever have a hard time deciding on a perfect white. In fact we did start off by painting it Simply White by Behr, which is a lovely white colour, however with the giant windows pouring golden sunshine into her room, the walls looked super yellow. After reaching out to my following over on IG we decided on repainting it Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Ugh, you guys came throuuuugh with the recommendations because it was worth every penny. It is a white white, we love it so much that we ended up painting our bedroom too… next up the entire house.


The star of the show has got to be the wallpaper, it totally brings the room together. Trust me, we thought we were done after painting the walls and actually lived with it like this for a couple of months before deciding that we in fact needed an accent wall. It just felt cold. When looking for wallpapers I knew I wanted something a little different from just off the rack. I stumbled across Anewall and instantly fell in love with all of their unique and creative designs. They have such a huge selection, it was quite hard to pick just one, but after a looong while of deliberations we landed on the Tawny Mural. Ugh, she’s so pretty, her pinks and yellows tie the room together and add that extra warmth I was longing for. I also love the fact that this mural will last her, it’s not specifically baby.

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Probably one of my post popular DM questions is where the rug in the nursery is from. I can’t blame you for asking, it’s really cute! However, sadly I don’t have a link *insert sad face. I know, I get so upset every time I have to relay this message. This rug is from Homesense, please Homesense start an online shop! There are some rugs similar in our local Homesense right now, but with that not being accessible to many, I have scoured the internet to bring you the best dupes I could find.


When I tell you I took picking the right chair for the nursery seriously, I mean I took the picking the right chair for the nursery seriously. I don’t know how many chairs my preggers butt struggled to get in and out of. Whilst I didn’t go with the traditional option of rocker of glider, I am obsessed with this chair. To be honest I didn’t really use it when Skye was tiny, to be honest I didn’t really use the nursery at all when Skye was tiny. She slept in our room until she was 5 months old, so I never really needed a moving chair. Now that Skye is older and simply adores books, this IKEA Ekolsund beauty is the coziest little reading nook. Actually who am I kidding this chair can become bloody massive! Looks can be deceiving as we originally purchased this chair due to the fact that it fit into Skye’s narrower old nursery, however this stunner turns into a recliner. You’re basically lying down. It’s fabulous and so loved during those dreaded sleep regressions.

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Probably THE most important part of the room is the crib. We knew that we wanted something clean and comfortable. After a little bit of research we opted for the BabyLetto Gelato 4 in 1 crib. It’s got all the right safeties, is made from non-toxic materials…. and converts into a double bed! It’s literally a bed for life.

For the mattress, we knew we had to get something that helped us sleep at night. See, our darling daughter likes to sleep face down, literally face squished against the mattress. So we ended up going with the waterproof Newton mattress. It’s a literal lifesaver. The Newton mattress is completely breathable, meaning Skye can sleep however she wants and I don’t have to worry. I totally tried it myself when we first bought it and I gotta say it works.

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Personal Details

What makes this space all the more personalized are the little custom pieces we did. Like changing the knobs on our 3 draw IKEA Tarva dresser we use as a changing table, to our epic IKEA Duktig play kitchen hack (click to read post). The most special though has to be the artwork Sameer and I painted. We just couldn’t find anything we liked on the art front so while I was 7 months pregnant we decided to turn date night into a painting night and made these one of a kinds (haha) for her room. We may be biased but we love them.

Decor Bits

It’s the little added bits of decor that truly bring the room together. From the bookshelves, to the delicate mobile hanging above her bed, these little pieces made the space all the more magical.

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There she is, Skye’s much anticipated nursery reveal. Although it took us wayyyy longer than we expected we couldn’t love it more. It’s a place we come to relax, to play, and to create memories.

xoxo Fil

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