New Year, New Upgrades

“New Year, New Me!” How many times have you heard someone say this at the start of a new year? As much as I love the sentiment, I don’t predict becoming a whole new me in 2024. I’ll still be the same (somewhat scattered) mum with the same love for my family and the same desire for a peaceful, beautiful home. Even though I’m not planning any revolutionary changes in the upcoming year, I do love doing New Year’s Upgrades. This is where I upgrade or replace a lot of the basic products that I use every day. These things get a lot of use in my home, and the start of a new year is a great time to upgrade or replace these products. Let’s walk through some of my favorite New Year’s Upgrades:

You can shop the full list of upgrades on my Amazon storefront. Happy Shopping!

New Year, New Kitchen

When you have kids, your kitchen goes through a LOT in a year. Thousands of snacks, spills, and morning coffees were made in my kitchen in 2023, so some of my kitchen basics are a little worse for wear. These are the basic items I’m replacing in 2024:

Basic Silverware Set

We definitely don’t use nice silverware on a daily basis. We love to have a solid, basic set of silverware that we can use day in and day out, and save our nice stuff for company! This basic set from Amazon comes with 40 pieces of silverware for around $50 – so you get a lot of great value for your money.

Air-Tight Storage Containers

We use our air-tight storage containers for a wide variety of things from dried pasta to flour to snacks. Since each container gets about 100 washes in the year, I like to replace these regularly. I love these containers with wooden lids. They’re still air-tight, but they have a more classic look.

Drinking Glasses and Glasses with Lids

I would say that no items in my home get as much use as our drinking glasses. I am a fun beverage girly, so I love to have a glass with a lid multiple times a day. Also, I do not handwash my drinking glasses. I’d much rather buy good value glasses and throw them in the dishwasher than to have super nice glasses and have to handwash them! These are two of my favorite standard drinking glasses and they’re great basics to replace at the beginning of the year.

Toddler Cups

Not only am I a beverage girly, but I am raising two little beverage girlies as well! As our oldest grows up, she loves to have her own cup to carry around. We’ve just added these incredible Cuppa Cups to our shop at Kylo & Co., and our oldest is obsessed! This lightweight, eco-friendly, and sturdy cup is made from wheat straw, making it a champion for both your child’s independence AND our planet. It’s the perfect training cup that grows with your little one, ensuring those first sips turn into confident gulps.

New Year, New Bedroom

We tend to forget just how much use our bedding gets throughout the year. This is a great time of year to do things like vacuum and rotate your mattress, steam your couch cushions, and replace some of your basics. These are some of my favorite cozy upgrades for the new year.


We love these pillows from Amazon because they’re filled with shredded memory foam. This means you have the firmness of memory foam without the “molding-to-your-body” feature that can feel restrictive when you sleep. As a bonus, the covers are made with bamboo so they’re super cooling. This is a great item to upgrade each year!

Linen Bedsheets

If you’ve never splurged on linen bedsheets, it may be time! There’s nothing quite like sleeping on an all-natural fiber. They’re cool and comfortable, and as a plus, they look beautiful! You care for them a little differently than regular microfiber bedsheets, so definitely read up on care if you’re going to buy them. I really appreciate these instructions from!

Duvet Insert

Yes, it’s time to change your duvet insert! I always forget this one, but it’s such an important New Year upgrade. Duvet inserts can hold on to odor, germs, and even dust mites. I like this down alternative insert because it’s high quality, but not too expensive.

New Year, New Wardrobe

There are a couple of outfit staples that I wear nearly every day. The new year is a great time to make sure I have a version that is fresh and new. These are my favorite outfit upgrades for the new year.

White Sneakers: Running and Casual

I wear a pair of white sneakers with almost every outfit. From running errands to running laps, a pair of white sneakers is the absolute best staple item in my wardrobe. White running shoes can be extremely expensive, but I find I wear them out pretty easily. Rather than plunking down $300 for a name brand, I like these stable comfortable running shoes from Amazon. For casual sneakers, you can’t go wrong with a low top Reebok. Simple, clean, and classic.

Comfy Socks

I love a great pair of socks. I love to throw them on with a pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. These beige socks are warm, but breathable, and they’re a great length for 2024 trends!

I’ve got even more amazing new year upgrades over on my Amazon storefront! Check them out for all of my favourite household and wardrobe staples. I hope you have a happy, healthy, and meaningful new year!

xoxo Fil

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