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Hello loves….wait I mean! Hold up, I need my own catch phrase. Ummm hello heros! Yeah, that works. So you guys must be wondering who the heck I am, and where is the beautiful Filipa. My name is Sameer, the famous man behind the lens and honourable companion to the girl I call my wife but you all call Fil!

So what am I doing here! Well I thought I would give this whole blogging thing a go, so far so good, so you’ll be seeing a lot of me. It’s my first crack at writing thing so be gentle, please. Anyways, enough rambling, lets get onto the topic…skiing.

Canadian skiers and snowboarders have quite the option when it comes to choosing a location to head down a snowy hill. I don’t know about all of you but if skiing was in a tropical climate, I think I would participate more. I think my once a year trek down the hill is usually good enough for me.

Although, I don’t choose to get out in all my layers and attach two carbon fibre skates to each leg and head down a mountain, I love the vibe and the atmosphere. There are always things to do around resorts that cater to the sports of snow.

We usually visit Blue Mountain a few times a year and it’s pretty amazing. Head down a hill, grab a drink, fall down a hill, grab two drinks, you get where I’m going with this. I think food and beverage go hand in hand with the wonders of skiing.

Only a quick hour and a half from Toronto, Blue Mountain seems to have it all; shops, bars, places to stay, and I guess most importantly a mountain (or hill). Having over 40 runs, I think Blue Mountain has a run for every level, not to mention a fantastic beer selection.

Blue Mountain Village definitely caters to most picky eaters and has quite the selection of fast food options as well. My main go to is MJ Byrnes, it’s kind of like the local (local pub). Grungy and grimy, it has 28 beers on tap, a descent spread of pub eats, and some meaty entrees.

Just this past season though, the new boy in town just opened, North Winds Brewery. Some of you may know it from its location in Collingwood, but they wanted a piece of the pie and there new location is quite the sight. They cater well to vegetarians like myself, but also have carnivorous options too. But the words brewery means they’ve got beer and the best kind, CRAFT. All of there beers are brewed in house and they’ve got a flavour that suits you. They take their beer so seriously, that each of their staff members have to be certified Cicerone.

Staying at the Blue Mountain Village can sometimes be a challenge. They’ve got plenty of options but they aren’t the greatest. You can rent a condo/chalet, stay at the Westin, or even the Blue Mountain Inn. If you don’t mind the drive in, Collingwood also has some budget friendly options. We usually stay the Westin, because they are SPG members and I have loyalty membership with them that offers me breakfast and upgrades etc… If there is a big group of you, say 5-15, then it is definitely worth looking into a condo/chalet. They are very cost effective and best of all they have living rooms and kitchens.

Check out this awesome Airbnb that we may or may not own.

If you don’t have an Air Bnb account, sign up here to get a discount on your first stay!

Ok so I guess I should talk about the skiing a bit, seeing as that’s the whole point of this post. I would definitely suggest ordering your passes online prior to your stay. You can save nearly 25% vs. the ticket booth. You can check get your lift tickets here. Sometimes they offer descent deals and packages, but not often, you can find those here.

Although skiing isn’t always our main attraction to Blue Mountain, we love spending time there. It also has something to keep us occupied. Not to mention it is quite romantic.

We definitely recommend it!

If you have any questions feel free to drops us a line below.


Instahusband out,

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  1. March 5, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Hey Sameer, welcome to the Playingwithapparel team and I hope that you’re enjoying writing! Can you believe that I haven’t been to Blue Mountain yet? I keep meaning to go but the time isn’t ever right. Anyway, now I know where to head to when I FINALLY make my way there. Thanks for sharing!


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