Most Instagrammable Places in Greece

Our family recently spent time traveling through Europe together. We spent time in Greece, France, and Germany and enjoyed every minute of it! I’ll admit that I was very anxious about traveling across multiple countries with two toddlers in tow. However, it was such an incredible experience and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. Our experience in Greece was especially wonderful. There are so many beautiful, welcoming, and engaging destinations across Greece that you just do not want to miss. This is my list of the most instagrammable places in Greece. 


Athens is the most-visited city in Greece and home to much of the country’s incredible history. Here are some of the most intagrammable places in Athens: 

The Acropolis

Of course, there’s really no reason to visit Greece without making a stop at the Acropolis. If you’ve never been, the Acropolis is the location of the remains of multiple significant ancient buildings including The Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus. While our toddlers didn’t totally grasp the significance of the architecture they were seeing, they were still amazed by a lot of the unique things they saw. Pro tip for instagram mums: this will not be for glamorous photos. It’s a big hike up to the Acropolis and you will be HOT! You’ll definitely want to pack a baby carrier if you’re toting little ones. 

The Plaka Neighborhood

The Plaka neighborhood is a favorite destination in and around Athens because it’s close to the Acropolis and has a cosy village feel. There are tons of little sidewalk cafes, small shops, and local artisans. It’s a comfortable neighborhood with a lot to see, and it definitely has an amazing vibe. This historic village is a great spot for quick family photos or food pics. 

Cafes and Restaurants


Snob is just a perfect brunch spot and the dishes are visually stunning. It was a comfortable place to eat. There were tons of menu options that worked for the parents and the kids. Snob is definitely a must-visit for foodies and restaurant lovers, and one of my favorite places in Greece.

Our visit to Snob in Athens. @filipajackson on TikTok.


This Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant is absolutely unreal. The whole face of the restaurant is pink and the ceiling is covered in cherry blossom trees. There are so many amazing spots in the restaurant for pictures. Your kiddos will be in awe of the dramatic decorations of this restaurant. Great for families, but even better for girls’ trips!


Crete is one of Greece’s islands, and home to stunning sun-bleached beaches. Our stay in Crete was incredibly rejuvenating, and it’s definitely a place I would visit again. Here are some of my favorite instagrammable places in Crete: 

Elafonissi Beach

There are so many excellent beaches in Crete, but I would highly recommend Elafonissi beach for the best Instagram photos. The sunsets on this beach are gorgeous and picture perfect, but the beach is gorgeous all day. Because this beach is so beautiful, there are lots of great accommodations that are luxurious and easily accessible, we stayed at Domes Of Elounda, which offered so many activities for the kiddos. Pro Tip for Instagram Mums: The muted colors of the beaches in Crete respond really well to simple edits. Try my Cabos Preset for Lightroom Mobile to get the same effect I got on our family photos.

Rethymno Old Town

This gorgeous city was founded hundreds of years ago and has maintained so much historical charm. The town is filled with historic buildings and incredible architecture. Paths are covered with gorgeous foliage. The area is easily walkable so you can head straight to the perfect photo spot. It’s absolutely one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Rethymno Old Town in Crete

No matter where you travel, don’t forget to capture your favorite memories! Sometimes it might seem trivial to stop and take a photo, but it’s definitely worth it to be able to revisit all of the amazing places you’ve seen. 

xoxo Fil

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