Morning Routine with Mindfulness in Mind

Hectic mornings really need to become a thing of the past! Nothing affects my mood more than sleeping through my alarm or rushing to get ready. In order to avoid the dreaded chaotic morning, I did tons of research into effective morning routines. To my surprise, I saw video after video, pin after pin, of people waking up at 4:00 AM to clean their whole home. I’m so glad that works for them, but I know myself and that is never going to happen for me. After all of that research, I decided to craft a one-hour morning routine that allows me to take care of myself, my home, and build better wellness habits.

The best part? You can track these habits (and more!) on our Mindful Mom Planner. Are you ready? Let me show you what my mindful morning routine looks like:

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5 Minutes – Drink a glass of water.

I know this might seem a little trivial, but something about drinking a full glass of water first thing every morning has really helped me center myself. We all know that hydration has huge health benefits, but this habit also helps me wake up mentally each morning.

10 Minutes – Mindful Meditation

Meditation, like hydration, has tons of health benefits, but it can be very hard to start meditating daily. For those of us who have restless minds, sitting down with our thoughts can be extremely intimidating. However, I would encourage you to give it a try! 10 minutes each morning can help you feel grounded and centered before starting your day. If you’re not sure how to meditate, you can use a resource like the Calm App or you can follow the structure in our Meditation Journal.

10 Minutes – Sunshine and Activity

In my never-ending quest for better sleep, I came across this article on the importance of morning sunlight. For my ten minutes of morning sunshine, I like to take a quick walk around the neighborhood. On days where I am feeling tired or am running low on time, I sit outside for my meditation so I can combine these two tasks.

Obviously, weather has an impact on this part of the routine! If you’re unable to spend time outside, try to let more natural light into your house by opening the blinds or spending more time in the rooms with more natural light.

20 Minutes – Shower and Self Care

Your physical wellness is so important to the health of you and your family. Make sure you’re taking time each morning to take a shower, do your skin care, take your medication, and brush your teeth. I know that it can seem a little silly to remind adults of these things, but it is so easy to let these things slip when you’re caring for other people.

15 Minutes – Daily Chore

What’s one little chore that seems to constantly overwhelm you? For me, it’s the dishes. There’s no particular reason, but this one task seems to add so much stress to my life. One of the best things I’ve done for me and my family is to take 15 minutes each morning to reset the dishes. This means that I unload, reload, and run the dishwasher each day during my morning routine. This simple change has really reduced the amount of time I spend over the sink each day. You can spend this 15 minutes on any chore you like: fold a load of laundry, vacuum, pack lunchboxes. Tackling one task during your morning routine can help you stay productive all day.

Above all, make sure your morning routine helps you feel cared for, prepared, and calm each day. You deserve to have a wonderful day every day.

xoxo Fil

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