Minimalist Home Decor

If you’re out of the loop, we recently built a new home in Nova Scotia, and we are absolutely loving it. We’re so blessed to have the comforting and serene home of our dreams! Even better, we get to fill it with wonderful decor we love! While I’m in the process of putting the house together, I wanted to share my moodboard: a collection of minimalist home decor trends, stores, and products that inspire me.

Online Stores

  1. Crate and Barrel Canada : A great selection of essentials, furniture, and decor. Crate & Barrel is great for the building blocks of your home.
  2. Haiku Designs: This is an eco-friendly furniture store with a huge selection of furniture and decor. They ship internationally and even offer some specialized delivery services.
  3. Pottery Barn : I know there have been jokes about Pottery Barn in the past, but they actually have an incredible selection of bedding, furniture, and basics.
  4. BETONCREATIFNYC on Etsy: gorgeous, minimalist decorative items for your home at a reasonable price.
  5. Pour Toi Home on Etsy: A very cool Etsy sop with amazing candlesticks, vases, and more.
  6. Ideal Gallery on Etsy: monochromatic, minimalist paintings at a reasonable price.


  1. Hygge Interior Design – Hygge is a Scandinavian concept that centers around surrounding yourself with coziness and things that inspire wellness. This style has become a huge international trend in interior design. I love its emphasis on simplicity and warmth.
  2. Minimalist Bohemian – Even though I love neutral colors and minimal clutter, I still like my home to feel free, open, and lively. I love this new minimalist bohemian trend because it incorporates those neutral colors with a mix of textures.
  3. A pop of emerald green – I love a neutral more than anything, but I’m really enjoying seeing this pop of emerald green appear in more home designs.


I also love to browse Amazon for the best hidden home decor gems. I put together a list of my favorite minimalist home decor Amazon essentials, but I’ll give you a sneak peek here:

Dimmable Floor Lamp

Macrame Wall Hanging

Natural Jute Rug

I hope you’ve been inspired to join us on a minimalist home journey! Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to make your home exactly the way YOU want it! It’s your family’s place to be comfortable, cozy, and at peace.


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