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I’ll admit it, for most of my life I thought the idea of being in touch with the universe, meditating, manifesting, talking to the world around us was crock of crap.

It wasn’t until in the midst of our fertility struggles, grasping to find relief, comfort in anything, that I let my guard down and gave connecting to the universe a go.

At first it was bit of a joke, I couldn’t help but think how silly I was being. But, after giving it my heart, I felt support, I saw the things that I asked the universe for coming into fruition.

3 Ways To Manifest


The last time I had journaled was as a child, most of the pages complaining about my annoying younger brothers or my love for a secret crush. After the age of 15 I never really put pen to paper about my feelings, frustrations, or dreams. That was until I found myself struggling with fertility. Filled with pain I needed a release, I found that release in the pages of a beautiful new journal. I write my manifestations, dreams, thanks, frustrations, day every evening and have done for now 4 years!

I recently looked through my old manifestation diaries, and it was crazy to see just how powerful it really is. The words that I put down in writing, that I believed with all of my heart, were now a part of my life. How crazy is that!


I always thought that meditating meant sitting crossed legged on the floor, eyes closed and chanting. I was wrong, meditation can come in so many different forms. For some it’s through yoga or working out, for others (like myself) it’s that moment right before sleep. Clearing my head of the day I focus on my goals. I take the time to fully immerse myself into that thought, what does it look like? what does it feel like? It definitely takes some practice, and is easy to give up on, but if you keep going you will find a break through.

Vision Boards

One of my fave ways to manifest is through vision boards. You can create one from scratch, start scrapbooking, or even (like me) use Pinterest. I have many hidden boards of my manifestations, my dreams. Being able to see what it looks like, see your visions in a form truly helps with the process of manifestation.

Well I am no manifestation guru, I am someone that didn’t believe in it, and in my darkest moments found comfort in it. I am learning still, but to see those dreams, those hopes, now in reality blows my mind. It’s easy to put things down, to not give them a try. But, sometimes as silly as you may think it is, it can be a positive to switch up the routine that’s not doing you service and try something new. You never know what you might find.

xoxo Fil

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