Low-Stimulating TV Shows for Toddlers

The world is such a different place now than it was when I was a toddler. Everything is much more flashy, fast, and interactive. On the surface, this seems great! However, many of the popular choices for kids’ entertainment take excitement and interactivity to the extreme. There’s no definitive research on how fast-paced children’s entertainment can affect their development. However, as a parent of a child that struggles with hyperactivity, I can tell you anecdotally that some TV shows and movies are extremely overstimulating for my toddler. In order to combat some of these difficulties, I’ve been searching for low-stimulating TV shows for toddlers that keep my little one entertained, but also don’t disrupt her peace. Here are my pre-approved recommendations:

My adventurous, imaginative toddler.

Tumble Leaf – Amazon Prime

Low-Stimulating TV Show 1 – Tumble Leaf on Amazon Prime

The major message of Tumble Leaf is that fun can lead to learning and learning can lead to fun! It follows Fig and friends on a variety of adventures. The stories in each episode are about 12-minutes long and have a beginning, middle, and end. This helps your toddler practice paying attention in order to really enjoy the story!

Bluey – Disney+

Low-Stimulating TV Show 2 – Bluey on Disney+

Bluey is all about family! It’s extremely heart-warming, and our whole family enjoys watching it. Bluey is imaginative, adventurous, and positive and has a great relationship with her sister, Bingo. One of the things I love about this show is that on top of the fun story lines, it also depicts a healthy relationship between parents and kids.

Curious George – YouTube

Low-Stimulating Show 3 – Curious George on YouTube

Curious George is a childhood favorite because of its sweet characters, adorable animals, and fun storylines. I love sharing this show with my kids because it’s a great way to connect TV time with reading time! The Curious George books are just as fun and lovable as the show, so it helps create a love of reading!

Lily’s Driftwood Bay – Amazon Prime

Low-Stimulating Show 4 – Lily’s Driftwood Bay on Amazon Prime

This precious show follows a young sea-treasure hunter named Lily. She lives on a beach with her Dad and goes on adventures looking for these treasures. I like Lily’s Driftwood Bay for my kids because I appreciate the message of finding joy and excitement in simple things. The show’s environment is peaceful, so it has a very calming feel.

Trash Truck – Netflix

Low-Stimulating Show 5 – Trash Truck on Netflix

Trash Truck is about Hank and his friend who is (you guessed it!) a trash truck! Hank and the truck are explorers, animal lovers, and great friends. If your little one really enjoys Pixar movies like Cars or Toy Story, Trash Truck will probably be a big hit!

The Book of Once Upon a Time Disney+

Low-Stimulating Show 6 – The Book of Once Upon a Time on Disney+

The Book of Once Upon a Time is an anthology of readings of classic Disney stories like Frozen, the Lion King, and more. Like Tumble Leaf, this show helps teach my toddler to enjoy hearing the full story from beginning to end. The narrators have calming voices and the show works just like a bedtime story!

Switching our entertainment to these low-stimulating shows has really helped my toddler have decreased hyperactivity and anxiety. I’m really glad we found them! I hope you and your toddler enjoy these low-stimulating, fun stories just as much as we do.

xoxo Fil

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