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Hello Loves!

“It’s about damn time!!” my best friend told me when I shared we were finally releasing Lightroom Mobile presets. This has been a long time coming, in fact so long that I didn’t even have kids when I first played with the idea of releasing presets, and although my editing style has changed since then, I’m so excited to share my mobile presets Bali, Leaf, and Lite.

These presets are designed to add a little flair without the work to the images that let’s be honest are taking up all your phone storage.

Edited with Bali preset

Bali, named after our cozy dog offers just that, a cozier feel to your images with a pinky undertone. Whilst, Leaf named after a leaf (lol) still has that cozy feel but with a bit more green and grit. Lite is doing exactly what it says in the title, adding warm brightness to your images. All are super cute and all are available now at!

Bali Preset

Leaf Preset

Lite Preset

Purchase presets here

Please note that some images may require further editing.

xoxo Fil

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