Kylo & Co.

Hello Loves!

SURPRISE we started a children’s clothing company!!!

Kylo & Co.

Starting a children’s clothing line has been a dream for a verrrrrry long time. I remember about 5 years ago sitting in Starbucks (obvi) with Sameer coming up with the plan to start a little ones clothing store. Little did we know that these dreams would be put on hold with our years of fertility struggles. After undergoing IVF to conceive our wonderful daughter Skye, we put our hearts back into Kylo & Co. and officially brought our wildest dreams to reality!!

Ahhh I still can’t believe it.

What is Kylo & Co.?

Kylo & Co. is a Canadian designed (by us ahhhh) gender neutral infant and toddler clothing. Focusing on minimalist, comfy, and affordable items.

We’ve kicked off our first launch with our play sets. Comfy sweaters with matching leggings, in 4 colours. Skye (named after our little miracle), Dune, Clay and Cove. These rotating colours match the seasons helping the guess work of getting your little one ready. Simple, easy, and of course, comfortable!

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