Journaling Prompts for the New Year

Keeping a journal is a key aspect of my mindfulness routine. It helps me dig deeper into my own thinking and gives me space for creativity. Here are five journaling prompts I plan on using in 2023:

1. Three happy moments from 2022 that I don’t ever want to forget are…

This journaling prompt will help you reflect on 2022 in a positive way. For many of us, it’s been a year of change whether you’ve built a new home, gone on a new adventure, or started a new job. Reflecting on the happy times in the midst of that change can help you start your new year in a positive mindset.

2. What was the hardest thing you overcame in 2022, and how did you do it?

At first glance this journaling prompt might seem to contradict the one before it. However, focusing on how you were able to attack challenges and overcome hardship in 2022 is centering yourself on the positive. You were met with a battle and you made it. Lead into 2023 by acknowledging your strength and reflecting on how you’ve used that strength in the past.

3. Who is someone you are thankful for? How can you show them gratitude in 2023?

According to Harvard Health, “gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” This journaling prompt can help you prioritize gratitude in the new year. You could incorporate this prompt into your journal as a weekly or monthly check-in to help ensure that you’re building gratitude into your daily routine.

4. When you let your mind wander, where does it go?

If you’re anything like me, you can sometimes let the tasks and to-dos of life stall your creativity and imagination. This prompt encourages you to ask yourself: “Where does my mind go when I let it be free? What would I do, say, or create with no boundaries?” This type of thinking is a great way to jump start creative and out-of-the-box thinking in the new year.

5. If you could spend more time doing any activity in 2023, what would it be?

This prompt takes the mindset of #4 in a more practical direction. Once you’ve let your mind wander and you’ve explored your imagination…how do you structure your time in 2023 to allow for that possible future? Of course there will always be boundaries on our time and things that we have to do to survive, but I like this prompt because it helps me plan to use the rest of my time in a way that brings me joy.

My best journaling advice for 2023 is just to do it. Make time for your own thoughts and prioritize reflecting on the things in your life that bring you joy and peace. You deserve to take that time for you!

xoxo Fil

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