IVF Cost in Canada

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So being the self appointed point master, penny pincher, and all around cheap ass in the family, I thought it would be appropriate for me to talk about all the costs, some tips and basic knowledge about IVF and other fertility processes.

Now every fertility journey is different and several of you undergoing or thinking about undergoing IVF will need a wide range of different tests and medication. So I want to stress that this breakdown is Filipa and my journey and it will definitely be different to yours.

Basic Cost

Many fertility clinics have different initial costs, but most range from $7,750 – $12,250 CAD. This cost usually includes cycle monitoring, sperm collection, retrieval of eggs, fresh transfer, and doctor consultation.


Ohh so you thought basic cost included medication, NOPE! Medication is its own beast. Here is where the road diverges into several paths. Every woman going through fertility treatments will have a different combination of drugs. Some of the goodies will include:

  • Luveris ($43)
  • Gonal F ($1055)
  • Estrace ($87)
  • Progesterone in Oil ($90)

Now these drugs are usually taken more then once so don’t let the cost fool you, it is definitely multiplied by some. If you have an insurance plan then awesome, we didn’t. But in some occurrences, they won’t cover all drugs. The insurance companies argue that it is a preexisting condition. So just keep that in mind. Always call ahead and make sure.

Impacting the Costs

Like I said earlier, most woman will have different combinations of tests and medications, so this will definitely alter the costs. But other things that will affect the bottom line are:

  • # of Cycles Needed (this isn’t an exact science yet, and our bodies tend to do what they want)
  • If you need a frozen embryo transfer ($1200)
  • Surrogacy may be required
  • Costs varying between clinics
  • Extras (acupuncture, spa days, small getaways)

Provincial Government Funding

In Canada, there are currently 4 provinces that offer some support/assistance to residents going through fertility treatments.

  • Ontario: ONE IVF cycle per lifetime for all women under the age of 43, this doesn’t include medication, just the basic cost is covered here. The wait list is not horrible and can range from 4-12 months.
  • Manitoba: They offer a provincial tax credit worth 40% of treatment cost to a max of $8000 per year.
  • New Brunswick: One-time grant of $5000. Residents can claim up to 50% of incurred costs.
  • Quebec: These guys are pretty under the radar of their assistance, they just offer a tax credit. No further details. I believe it would be for the total treatment cost. But don’t quote me on this.

Federal Tax Credits

On a federal level, when you are doing your taxes, make sure you claim IVF under the Medical Expenses Tax Credit. They offer 3% of your net income or $2,268 whichever is less. The tax credit on the amount remaining is then dependent on your tax bracket. Read more here.

If IVF is your next stage, then I am truly excited for you. But please remember get your ducks in a row before hand. This is a delicate process and your stress levels need to be in check. If you have any questions or concerns the clinic is a great resource and oddly enough your accountant can help with all the financial stuff. OR ME! Give me a shout if you have questions or concerns and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Thanks guys!

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  1. December 12, 2019 / 2:04 am

    Wow, that’s a lot indeed. Anyway, this is super informative. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  2. Kelly
    July 31, 2020 / 6:38 pm

    This is a great post but misleading on the IVF wait times for Ontario. My clinic was 12- 18 months and I wish I knew ahead of time to ask about the wait list. You also only get “on the list” after certain protocol takes place, which is up toneaxh individual doctor. That means that every single clinic and doctor has a different way of doling out their funding, resulting in great disparity. Also the costs of the drugs above vary greatly, so call around and check with pharmacies.

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