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Ok, ok so I’m not going to start this post off again by saying you guys will have known that I recently travelled to Europe… whoopsie I just did. But I am saying it AGAIN for a reason, I promise.

For the past month and a bit of travelling we stayed in many a places. But instead of booking for our usual SPG suspects (those points are unbeatable), this time we opted for a more personal experience… Airbnb. To give you a bit of background, I myself am an Airbnb host, we have a gorgeous family property on the slopes of Blue Mountain. For those not aware of the surrounding Toronto areas, Blue Mountain is our equivalent of Whistler but with more of a hill than a mountain. Anyway, I’m rambling… sorry. The whole point is that being a proud Airbnb host myself I wanted to check out the platform from a guests perspective.

However I am very particular when it comes to where I stay, some may even say spoilt. Ugh assholes. But ok, for the purpose of this blog post, let’s say I am picky… but this only comes in handy for you guys. Through my ‘pickiness’ I devised a plan to score the best possible Airbnb. I mean you guys saw the places where we were staying…. one was round the corner from the Pantheon for Pete’s sake! By the way, who is Pete?


Airbnb allows you to narrow down their properties through their extensive list of filters. USE IT! Let’s cut the bull, if you want a pool check the bloody pool icon. For me, I always check entire place and private washroom, see not picky… just very much private. I’m 28 I want to poop in peace.


Now you have narrowed it down, you probably still have an incredibly long list of properties glaring at you. Figure out what’s most important to you. For me it’s 1. bed 2. bathroom 3. kitchen …. look closely at the pictures provided, could you see yourself in those spaces? Also look at the reviews for additional help… but we will get to that later. Cheeky.


Location, location, location. For me this is key! For others not so much… you crazies that like walking. Anyway scroll down in the listing, there will be a map under the reviews that shows a radius of where the property is located. The host might have also written a list of attractions near by with the distance… go to good ol’ google maps and do a bit of your own research.


Now I know reviews are subjective and it could be external sources that make a guest leave a bad one…. TRUST ME. But still take reviews seriously, if someone says there is mold all over the ceiling there probably is. For me I will read 5 recent reviews and 5 older reviews.


Did you know there is a contact host button? Yep there is! Use it. Chat to the host… ask them any questions or concerns you have. You will be able to tell a lot from their reply… or sometimes lack of. This also helps you grow a relationship, because remember this is just as scary for the host… you are a stranger they are letting into their house.

So where-ever you’re thinking to heading to next, I hope that these tips help you find that dream location.

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Check out some of our Fav Airbnb listings we’ve stayed in

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  1. March 28, 2019 / 9:24 am

    We want you to come with on this journey by reading stories. You can imagine the world around you through someone else’s eyes and hopes to inspire you to experience the world alone.

    As I dreamed of visiting a lovely place, I kept spending time! As I said, I heard from several people now that. I and my friend used to be in this beautiful place, so I do not know how good our performance in haha ​​haha. Still, it pays to try exactly as I said. Beautiful photos in this publication By the way, you really capture the beauty of places. Wait for your next post!

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