Hotel Hacks: Are you in the know?

Hello Heroes, hope you are well. Today I wanted to talk about something that not many people know about but is becoming a growing trend.

Hotel hacks is what I mean. No not hacking into Marriott servers and stealing emails and credit card information, that’s already been done. I mean a few simple things you can do to make your hotel experience that much better.

Here are a list of my favourite go to hotel hacks: GO!


Ok this may sound a little underwhelming, but this hack with get you more than any other. Now what do I mean by Loyalty. Well staying loyal to a particular brand/chain of hotels will help you out in the long run. For instance, Filipa and I have been extremely loyal to Marriott/SPG (now called Bonvoy Rewards) for the last 2 years of our travels, and during maybe the last year we have been able to reap the benefits. Now these benefits or perks can be in the form of free breakfast, lounge access, free WIFI, beach chairs, and my favourite, upgrades.

Upgraded Suite at Delta Toronto

Price Match Guarantee

This hack basically goes hand in hand with the previous. I tend to always book with my most loyal brands. Now sometimes bigger hotel search engines may beat their prices. This is where Price Match Guarantees are key. Most large hotel chains have these guarantees. All you have to do is submit your claim, take a screen shot of the lower price, and boom, a few hours later you will receive a price match and depending on brand even up to 25% off of the difference. So WIN WIN, ladies and gentlemen.

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Booking Last Minute?

So if you’re in a pickle and need a place to crash but your friends couch isn’t up to scratch then my go to is Hotel Tonight. This app basically has some of the best same day rates around. Even depending on proximity they offer better deals. To make this hack even sweeter, use code SWALJI1 when signing up and you will receive $30 off your booking. EASY PEASY!

Ask for STUFF!

The saying is true, “you never know until you ask”. Depending on hotel chains, and of course who is behind the check in desk, ask for stuff! Whether it be free breakfast, later check out, better parking rates, and even upgrades. Sometimes if the hotel has low occupancy, a larger suite isn’t a big deal to offer guests. My obvious but genius hack, ASK FOR STUFF!

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Stay Away from the Minibar

I think this is pretty common knowledge at this point. But using anything from the minibar is like burning money. Most chains mark up items 4x-5x, that makes a $2-3 beer, now $8-15. It is not worth it! Now if your craving a glass of wine or a shot of tequila (jeez it’s only 11 am), then grab it from the minibar but ALWAYS replace it from your closest liquor store. Oh and make sure it’s a readily available brand.

I know these may be basic to some but I live by my hacks. I would love to learn more from you guys, if you have any hotel hacks to share, pop em in the comments below!

Instahusband out,

Sameer @playingwithapparelmen

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  1. March 17, 2019 / 4:58 am

    These are really great tips dear! Super informative, and I could definitely use these. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |

  2. March 18, 2019 / 3:19 pm

    Ótimas dicas. Parabéns por esse espaço lindo.

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