Hospital Bag Checklist

Getting ready to give birth for the first time can be extremely scary. You’re preparing to undergo a huge physical, emotional, and lifestyle transition. If you’ve never given birth before, it’s pretty intimidating. One of the easiest ways to calm some of those anxious third trimester thoughts is to prepare for your hospital stay. Knowing that your hospital bag is ready to go at a moment’s notice can make you feel more at ease about the birthing process. I’ve created a complete hospital bag checklist for mums, babies, and visitors and you can download it for free right in this post!

What’s On the Checklist?

This hospital bag checklist is inspired by new mums who may not know the absolute essentials for a hospital birth. I’ve focused on the absolute essentials that you and your family will need for delivery. Of course, you can always add those particular creature comforts you want to have around you! But this will help you start the packing process with the essentials in mind.

It’s divided into four compartments:

  1. Momma: These items are specifically for mom’s comfort and recovery during and after labor.
  2. Baby: These items are key to providing your baby with everything they need for their first days.
  3. Visitors: Things you’ll want to have on hand for anyone who might stop by and visit the baby.
  4. Comfort: Items that aren’t technically necessary, but will make your hospital stay a lot more comfortable.

You can find my picks for everything on the list over on my Amazon storefront!

Hospital Bag Checklist

I hope this quick and easy hospital bag checklist can bring you some peace as you prepare for this monumental life change. You’re going to be a great mum!

xoxo Fil

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