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One of the best parts of the holiday season is making your home a winter wonderland. Decorating for the holidays is much more than just trimming the tree. From decorating the mantel to adding extra cozy blankets and pillows, it’s the perfect time of year to let your creativity shine. In this list, I’ve included my top picks for all of the essential elements of holiday home decor. However, I’ve included even more amazing options on my Amazon storefront. Let’s jump right in!

O Christmas Tree!

The centerpiece of Christmas decorations is the tree. While many people believe in the value of a real Christmas tree, I’m a firm supporter of team artificial! It’s money-saving, can be used year after year, and prevents the hourly vacuuming of pine needles! These are my favorite holiday home decor picks for trimming the tree!

The Tree

This is my top pick for an artificial tree this holiday season. This 7.5 foot tree has a quick and easy set up, is packed in a reusable storage carton, and has a 5-year warranty. I choose an unlit tree so that I can customize the decor exactly as I like from year to year.


National Tree on Amazon

Tree Skirt

In place of a traditional fabric tree skirt, I’m picking this wicker tree collar for a rustic, natural look.


Kordes on Amazon


These paper honeycomb ornaments (left) are simple and great for a main tree or a children’s tree. Their glittery edges give them that little bit of holiday shine without being over the top. The neutral colors also work with a variety of tree themes. $13, Aobkiat on Amazon

I’m also obsessed with these flocked ornaments (right). These forest colors give the tree a grounded, earthy look and the velvet flocking gives them a unique matte finish. $68, Liliful on Amazon


I love the idea of using this eucalyptus garland (left) not only on the tree, but also on the stairs, mantel, and even as a table centerpiece. While it’s not traditionally holiday, it’s so full and lush that it would make the perfect addition to your holiday home decor. $26, SOMYTING on Amazon

This natural wood bead garland would be so beautiful on your Christmas tree this year. The natural material will give your tree a more grounded, bohemian look. $28, Yunlife on Amazon

Decorating the Mantel

I love being able to look up at a festive mantel around the holiday season. Having a well-decorated mantel is a great way to add that traditional holiday coziness without it interfering with your everyday activities. Here are my top holiday home decor picks for the mantel!

Christmas Tree Statues

These neutral Christmas trees are made of super high quality paper, so they’re affordable and reusable (without being breakable!). I love their soft, earthy, and simple look.


LampLust on Amazon

Christmas Candles

When I saw these precious Christmas tree taper candles, they immediately went to my cart. They are the perfect shade of off white and such a gorgeous shape. I’m dying to pair them with these matte candle holders (right), which are perfect for my minimalist home decor style all year round.

Stocking Holders

Ever since we’ve moved to Nova Scotia, we’ve been enjoying spending a lot more time outdoors. I love to honor that time by bringing the outdoors in as much as possible. These pine cone stocking holders definitely fit the bill. Their dark bronze color will help it stand out among the other green and ivory decor I’m using.


Hxezoc on Amazon


I love a simple stocking that reminds me of families throughout history hanging their stockings near the fire in preparation for Christmas. These simple cream stockings are a perfect fit for natural holiday home decor.


Kunyida on Amazon

Holiday Home Goods

If you’re welcoming guests into your home over the holiday season, it’s so much fun to replace key items across your home with holiday-themed pieces. These are my top picks for holiday home decor across your house!


I love this Merry Christmas Pillow (left) as a great way to add a little holiday cheer without adding anything too cartoony or bright. These neutral colored trees would be a great addition to your sofa this holiday season. $12, OgiseleStyle on Amazon

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, try these Dark Green Pillow Covers (right) in place of your usual neutral-colored pillows. This adds that holiday touch without screaming “It’s Christmas time!!!”. $30, MIULEE on Amazon


The holiday season is made for incredible throw blankets. This subtle plaid throw blanket adds that cozy, Christmas touch to your sofa or chair. Bonus, it’s also extremely soft!


Battilo Home on Amazon

Hand Towels

These gorgeous hand towels are a great choice for a guest bathroom this holiday season. Their simple design and color palette will work with any bathroom in your home and add that perfect touch of holiday cheer.


Avanti Linens on Amazon


This unique eucalyptus wreath can be used across multiple seasons to welcome guests into your home. The simple eucalyptus and white berry design is a great background for your favorite holiday ribbon or florals.


Seefinix on Amazon

Again, there are a ton more holiday home decor options over on my Amazon Storefront. Whatever you choose, focus on making your home a comfortable place to gather with family and friends while also celebrating this magical time of year! Wishing you and yours an incredible holiday.

xoxo Fil

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