Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2022

No-clutter Amazon Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

My favorite part of the holiday season is the time right after the gift-opening when all of the toys and shiny new things are getting their very first use. There is just no joy like watching kids enjoy their presents on a holiday morning!

Shopping for kids can be difficult. We always want them to get the toys they truly want, but let’s be honest: sometimes we have to avoid the toys we know will become clutter before the holidays even end!

This holiday gift guide for kids will help you find some wonderful gifts that are also happy additions to your home or playroom.

For the New Addition

Wooden Pegged Wood Puzzle

This puzzle is perfect for babies, but stylish enough to stay out of the toy box.

This gorgeous wood block puzzle has an environmentally-safe stain and a great minimalist look. This is a great way for babies to practice their fine motor skills in style.

Cozy Rocker

This modern rocker is cozy for babies and cute for your home.

The Kori Rocker is a super soft and cozy addition to your home. Your baby will love the soft inlay, and you’ll love that it’s all machine washable.

For Fun at Home

Light-Up Dinosaur Bath Toys

These light-up bath toys will make every bath time an adventure!

These light-up bath toys are precious and will add some excitement to bath time.

Toy Camping Set

This cute camping set is the perfect set up for at-home adventures.

One of the most memorable childhood activities is “camping out” in the backyard. This camping set lets kids recreate the magic of the outdoors for themselves. It comes in multiple color themes to fit in your home.

For a Bright Future

Wooden Busy Bus Builder Board

This simple builder board gives kids an opportunity to use tools safely at a young age.

This builder board is one of my favorites on the Holiday Gift Guide for Kids. It’s a simple concept, but a great way to teach future engineers and builders about the tools of the trade, while practicing their fine motor skills.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

The best ice cream restaurant in town is the one your toddler can run all on their own!

This ice cream cart from Leap Frog elevates the “playing restaurant” experience. The cart helps kids practice following instructions, completing tasks, and managing their own small business.

For Vacation Fun

Kids’ Digital Camera with SD Card

Give the gift of capturing precious memories with this kids’ digital camera.

This is the perfect gift for a budding photographer. This well-protected camera comes with a SIM card so kids can become pros at digital photography. The camera comes in multiple colors and themes for all kids. This would be a great addition to a kid’s travel backpack to help keep them occupied on a long plane or car ride.

Silicone Beach Bucket with Molds

This minimalist sand bucket and mold set will make the best sandcastles at the beach or in the sandbox.

Beach babies will love this sand bucket and mold set. Its minimalist style and fun shapes make it a wonderful addition to your beach bag.

Stocking Stuffers

Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs

The whole family can explore the prehistoric past with these “Dig a Dozen” dino eggs.

No holiday gift guide for kids would be complete without an activity for the whole family. These dinosaur eggs fit in stockings or small packages, but allow whoever cracks them open to act as a real paleontologist. You can buy them by the dozen so that all the kids (and kids at heart) can participate in the excavation.

Cute Cat Stickers

Cute cat stickers are a great stocking stuffer for kids who love to decorate.

This is definitely a wild card addition to the holiday gift guide for kids, but there is something about a sticker that is magic for kids. These adorable cat stickers come are fun for kids, but a neutral color palette for grown ups because we know at least one will end up somewhere it shouldn’t be!

I hope these holiday gift guides help reduce the stress of holiday shopping and bring you some peace of mind in this hectic but joyful season!


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