Holiday Gift Guide 2023: For Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all anxiously awaiting the best part of the holidays: watching our little ones excitedly open gifts, play with new toys, and explore new activities! When I’m shopping for holiday gifts for my little ones, It’s important to me to find gifts that could push them to use their imagination, try new things, and play together. If you’re looking for amazing holiday gifts for your kids, keep reading! This is my 2023 holiday gift guide for kids!

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Tech Gift Guide

Let’s face it: our kids are growing up in a tech-centric world! Instead of fighting against it, I like to look for tech gifts that still encourage imagination and learning. This is my tech holiday gift guide for kids!

LittleHippo Sleep Training Clock

This may secretly be a gift for the toddler’s parents, but we won’t tell! This sleep training clock has great features that help a child learn when to sleep and when to get up. The nightlight shines red (or another custom color) when the child should be in bed, and turns green when it’s time to get up! Parents recommend this system to help them get some extra hours of sleep in the morning.


LittleHippo on Amazon

V-Tech Kidi Secrets Notebook

If you remember being 6-12 years old, you remember how much fun it was to keep a diary. This high-tech notebook is password protected and lets kids record voice memos (with silly voice changing effects!). It has a replaceable inner notebook and, for peace of mind, a parental passcode override function.


VTech on Amazon

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

This multilingual talking microscope is an incredible gift for STEM learning. With 60 prepared slides and over 100 facts and questions, there is so much to learn with this microscope! The microscope is from Educational Insights, so you also have access to some free activities to use alongside the microscope.


Educational Insights on Amazon

Toy Gift Guide

Holiday toys create lasting memories. Opening up a new toy is so exciting for our little ones, and that excitement creates incredible moments for families to share around the holidays. This is my toy holiday gift guide for kids!

Snuggle Pod First Baby Doll

These Snuggle Pod dolls are too cute. They’re the perfect baby doll for younger kids, and are recommended for kids six months and up. They’re all soft baby dolls so they’re great for snuggling or toting around. This is a great baby doll for any kid, but especially great for a toddler expecting a new baby brother or sister.


Manhattan Toy Store on Amazon

Baby and Toddler Toys from Kylo & Co.

If you’re new to Playing with Apparel, I have a baby and toddler brand that encourages kids to play and use their imagination. We’ve got some great toys that I think your little one will love this holiday season:

Boho Baby Gift Set, $45

Beach Bucket and Shovel Set, $28

Wood Stepping Stones, $40

Boat Bath Toys, $12

Little Tikes Trampoline

If you’ve followed my story for awhile, you know I’ve got a very energetic toddler! Parents of toddlers know that they have absolutely boundless energy. It can be exhausting! This 3′ trampoline is approved for kids 3 and up, and is a great way for toddlers to have fun, dance, jump, and burn off that energy!


Little Tikes on Amazon

Magnetic Dress-Up Set

If you’ve got a toddler with an eye for fashion, these magnetic dress up sets are sure to be a hit. Much better than the traditional paper dolls, these dress up sets allow you to easily pop new outfits onto your doll. This particular set helps your child imagine a wide variety of interests. Outfits include a super hero, doctor, chef, and more!


Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Wooden Food Prep Toy

Calling all future chefs! This wooden play food set helps little ones practice cutting and prepping ingredients. These are great for a play kitchen or to use side by side with mum and dad while they make dinner!


Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Tomy Toomies Eggs

These hide ‘n’ squeak eggs help with matching and sorting skills. They’re a fan favorite for toddlers and oh so cute! Toddlers play with the eggs by sorting them into the correct space in the carton according to their shape and chick color. Reviewers say they are fun and durable!


TOMY on Amazon

Brain Flakes Building Discs

This pack of over 500 interconnecting discs in amazing for kids who love to build and create. As opposed to traditional building blocks, these discs connect in a variety of ways to help kids build more organic shapes. The discs easily click together and come apart so that kids can continue to create and create!


Viahart on Amazon

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

These Hatchimals are so cute, and a great stocking stuffer! There are tons of sets to choose from with a huge variety of different collectibles to hatch. Definitely a very fun source of excitement around the holidays!


Hatchimals on Amazon

Book Gift Guide

A love for reading is one of the best gifts we can give our little ones. Reading helps kids explore their world, think critically, and learn about people they may never meet. These are my holiday gift guide picks for readers!

The Tinsel Tree Celebration Book

Our little ones absolutely love Tumble Leaf on Amazon Prime. It’s a great low-stimulating TV show for toddlers. So when I saw this Tumble Leaf holiday book, it was an immediate add-to-cart moment! This book is a fun read, and also includes 20 stickers. If you’re a Kindle family, it’s free to purchase on Kindle Unlimited!


Author Lara Bergen on Amazon

Dr. Seuss Board Book Set

If your little one is just starting to read, these Bright and Early Dr. Seuss board books are a great way to give them a wide variety of stories to start with. This is also an amazing baby shower gift!


Author Dr. Seuss on Amazon

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Eric Carle’s classic illustration style has been enchanting little ones for over 50 years. This book is a classic, and a must have for every toddler’s library.


Author Eric Carle on Amazon

Drum Dream Girl

This book is recommended for children 4-7 years old and is a great read for kids exploring a love for music! The story centers around a girl who was told that girls couldn’t be drummers. However, she didn’t let the rule stop her from pursuing her love of music! It also has gorgeous illustrations!


Author Margarita Engle and Illustrator Rafael Lopez on Amazon

Space Case

This book is recommended for ages 8-12 years.

These books by Stuart Gibbs are a great gift for a child who needs to get a little more excited about reading! These child-friendly mystery novels are engaging, exciting, and full of fun twists!


Author Stuart Gibbs on Amazon

Game Gift Guide

This year, our family is thinking a lot about the way we spend time together. We’re prioritizing experiences like game night, outdoor exploration, traveling, and more so that we can make lasting memories together! That’s why these family games have made this year’s holiday gift guide for kids!


This family strategy game is unbeatable for game night. Kingdomino is a great way to get kids as young as 8 years old excited about world building games. It’s award winning for a reason! Families say it’s fun, exciting, and engaging.


Blue Orange on Amazon

UNO Super Mario

If you come from a super competitive family, you might want to be careful around UNO! It’s one of the most talked about games because it is nonstop fun and excitement. This special Super Mario edition features your little ones’ favorite Mario characters and a special Mario rule.


Mattel Games on Amazon

No matter what gifts you choose for your kids this holiday season, remember that the greatest gift is loving them fully and unconditionally! Don’t forget to celebrate your love during this wonderful time of the year.

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