Halloween Ideas for Families with Toddlers

Something wicked this way comes! It’s almost time for Spooky Season! I’m getting excited for one of the best fall holidays – Halloween! I’m getting excited for the day when my little ones are grown up enough to participate in all of the fun spooky things, but they’re a little young for some of the traditional Halloween movies and decor. If you’ve got toddlers, try some of these amazing Halloween Ideas for families with young children!

My family featuring a very spooky tomato and egg.

Halloween Movies and TV Shows for Toddlers

One day my girls will be ready for Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, but we’re not quite there yet! However, I am not giving up on Halloween movie nights! Here are some of my Halloween picks for toddlers:

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    • Available on Prime and Apple TV+
    • This is an absolute classic and a must-see for kids around Halloween! It’s a TV special, so it’s only 25 minutes but if your toddlers are anything like mine, they’ll want to watch it more than once!
  • Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest
  • Monsters, Inc.
    • Available on Disney+
    • Even though Monsters, Inc. is not strictly a Halloween movie, it’s still a great choice for Spooky Season! It’s such a heartwarming movie and a really fun watch for all of us!
  • Spooky Buddies
    • Available on Disney+
    • This is a movie from the Air Bud franchise and features adorable dogs on a not-so-spooky adventure through a haunted mansion. I mostly love all the puppies, but the story is great too!

Halloween Activity Alternatives

Instead of carving pumpkins, try this!

Pumpkin carving is very fun, and a great activity after a family visit to the pumpkin patch. However, toddlers and sharp tools do NOT mix. Painting is a classic way to decorate pumpkins without carving, but there are other great alternatives!

  • Pumpkin Decorating Stickers: Allow your toddlers to use their imagination to mix and match these pumpkin decorating stickers and create their own monster pumpkin!
  • Pumpkin Push Ins: Similar to a Mr. Potato Head, these plastic pieces stick straight into your pumpkin for easy decorating.
  • Mummy Pumpkins: Use cheesecloth and googly eyes to turn your pumpkins into mummies!

Instead of trick or treating, try this!

Toddlers can definitely enjoy dressing up and trick or treating around the neighborhood, but it can be very overstimulating and a little stressful. Not to mention, they can’t make it far on those little legs! If you’re not quite ready for full scale trick-or-treating, try these alternatives.

  • Halloween Egg Hunt: Merge Halloween and Easter by having your little ones hunt for Halloween-themed eggs!
  • Halloween Fashion Show: Instead of showing off their costumes to the neighborhood, have a small party at home with family or friends and have everyone walk a “runway” to show off their costume!
  • Halloween Slumber Party: Make Halloween a memorable night by camping in the backyard (or the living room!). Toddlers will love having a slumber party with mom and dad and you’ll love staying in instead of hiking the whole neighborhood!

Halloween can be fun at any age! As your kids grow and change, the way you celebrate holidays will as well. That’s all a part of the fun of raising a family! I hope you enjoy this Halloween with your toddlers.

xoxo Fil

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