Habit Tracking Apps to Try in 2024

One of the hardest things to do as an adult is to add in new, healthy habits to your daily routine. As a mum, I often struggle to be consistent with new habits. As we ring in 2024, I’ve been excited to try some new apps to help up my habit tracking game. Here are some great options I’ve found, and I’d love for you to try them along with me! Let’s get tracking!

Traditional Habit Tracking

As someone born in the 1900s, I really love actually crossing things off of a list. While it may not be practical to carry around a notebook and paper anymore, I still kind of crave that “crossing things off” experience.

If you’re also a traditional person, you might like tracking your habits in a notebook app like Goodnotes! I really like having a digital notebook where I can get that classic journal experience without having to lug a journal around.

One of my favorite things about Goodnotes is being able to import templates so that I can use a standard background for my habit tracking. For example, you can download my planner templates and import them straight into your Goodnotes notebook!

Download these templates here!

Tracking with Kids

Building great habits is something I’d love to get my kids involved in. However, a lot of habit tracking apps can be a little corporate-looking. When exploring some amazing apps, I found the Habit Rabbit! When you track habits with this app, you help an adorable rabbit complete chores around they’re house. You can add custom habits, assign them a priority level, and even log your mood each day!

Screenshots from the Habit Rabbit app.

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love this, because I can encourage my kiddos to participate in my habit tracking. Hopefully, one day when they’re older they’ll want to start a habit tracker too!

Health Habit Tracking

If you’re looking to increase your overall health in 2024, you’ll probably love the Streaks app! It’s a super visual habit tracking app that helps you monitor your progress on a wide variety of healthy habits.

One of the best features of the Streaks app is that it connects with Apple Health. So if you’re an iPhone user, Streaks can gather information about your exercise and step goals straight from the Apple Health app. That’s one less thing you have to track manually! It also syncs with your Apple watch, so you can visually see your habit tracking with one look at your wrist. I like that you can add in a variety of habits that you track in multiple ways.

I can’t wait to hear what habit tracking apps you try this year! No matter what method you use, remember that no one is perfect. As you get used to new habits, it may take you awhile to get into a good routine. Remember to take it one day at a time, and stay positive! We’ve got this!

xoxo Fil

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