Grey All Day

Hello Loves,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. For me it has been a bit of a let down. I was meant to be road tripping with ‘one’ (I have 4) of my brothers to Pittsburgh to see another ‘one’ of my brothers and my fiancé (long story). However my stupid body decided to get sick! So I have spent the weekend alone, in the same pj’s, and barricaded into my bedroom. NOT FUN!

However thank you all for your Snapchats, they sure did keep me entertained (follow me: Filzer).

Thankfully I am now feeling A-OKAY, my body is back to its semi-functional self. In perfect timing too, as the next few weeks are going to be insane!! On occasions like this, where I am so busy that I don’t even have time to think about what to wear each day, I spend the Sunday writing down my outfits for the entire week. This allows me to wake up in a civilized manor and be all the more relaxed throughout the day.

With this week jam packed with fittings and running around like a headless chicken (Toronto Fashion Week prep), I am opting for good old comfort! My weeks wardrobe looks a little like this…


Yoga pants, over sized t-shirt, grey cardigan, and Nike runners


Grey Jeans, blue lace up top, suede jacket, and black lace up boots


Mom jeans, Kenzo lion sweater, and Adidas Superstars


Flared jeans, stripped shirt, leather jacket, black pointed booties


Rust coloured dress, and black thigh high boots


Jumpsuit, polar neck, and Reebok classics


Pj’s all day

How do you plan for a stressful week?


IMG_5114 IMG_5183 IMG_5202 IMG_5210 IMG_5123 IMG_5162 IMG_5143 IMG_5229 IMG_5163 IMG_5201

Shirt: Gap Jeans: BDG Jacket: H&M Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Chanel Bracelet: Links London Choker: Filipa made Necklace: Magnolia

xoxo Fil

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  1. March 7, 2016 / 1:57 am

    aww I’m sorry you had to miss your road trip! I hope you get better soon!

    But on the plus side this look is amazing! those boots are especially beautiful.

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:16 pm

      Thanks so much lovely, I am feeling so much better. It’s been a lovely week in fact… I hope yours has been amazing.

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  2. Prudence
    March 7, 2016 / 6:36 am

    Sorry to hear you are sick and it’s great that you feel okay now! Love your casual chic style, you look gorgeous!


  3. Amy Ann
    March 7, 2016 / 8:50 am

    Sorry you got sick! It’s the worst when it ruins fun plans. Loving your outfit.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Ivona Josipovic
    March 7, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    Hope you’re feeling better! Great outfit, and what a great idea to plan ahead. I used to do it and take photos of the clothes, but lately I lost the habit. Maybe it’s time to get back to it 🙂

    Ivona from

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:33 pm

      Thank you Ivona, I sure am. It is really a good habit to have, but yes can be tedious.

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  5. Alice
    March 7, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    Love this casual chic look! So sorry your weekend wasn’t a good one, here’s to a better week!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  6. March 7, 2016 / 1:58 pm

    How cool are these boots, I love them!! Your outfit is so cool and you look gorgeous!

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      I know it was rather upsetting byt thank you so much

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  7. March 7, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Really cool outfit 🙂 In love with your boots <3
    I was having a cold too for the last few weeks :p
    hahah finally feeling better.

    Hope you get well soon 🙂

  8. March 7, 2016 / 5:17 pm


    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Chic Neutrals…

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:40 pm

      Thank you Amber, you can’t go wrong with grey. Thanks for adding me I will have to remind myself to add you back

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  9. March 7, 2016 / 5:18 pm

    Oh man, I’m sorry you got sick, but I’m glad you’re feeling better now! I love your outfit, especially those booties, how unique and eye-catching are they?! Such a great find, girlie! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:41 pm

      Aw thank you Jalisa, that’s so kind. These booties were such a score (again lol) I found them in the sale at Forever 21 I think they were $15!!!

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  10. March 7, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I don’t use snapchat anymore but I used to spend all my time watching other people’s snaps – so entertaining! I got quite a few laughs from that. Also – love those boots!


    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:47 pm

      Thank you Monika! Yeah snapchat can get tedious but I really do love it

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  11. March 8, 2016 / 2:26 am

    I’m sorry you missed your road trip! Good to hear that you feel better now.
    xx Elle

    Check out my blog: – Swedish Model and Travel & Lifestyle blogger i Tokyo!
    Instagram: @cherryblossomstreet

  12. March 8, 2016 / 10:36 am

    I’m sorry you got sick, but I’m glad you’re feeling better now! I love this look and the botties are just perfect!
    Have a great week!
    XO Erica

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:55 pm

      Thank you Erica, yes I am much better… thank fully!

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  13. March 8, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    I like this rock-inspired outfit! Looks so cool!


  14. March 8, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    That shirt is everything, gorgeous! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 10:57 pm

      Thank you Adele! I am glad you like my blog, that means a lot

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  15. March 9, 2016 / 4:17 am

    Awww hope you are feeling better now Filipa. Wish I could look humanly during those horrible sick days too but I’ve always had a strong resemblance of a sick cow. Hahaha x

    Real Life Nerd

    • filipajackson
      March 9, 2016 / 11:00 pm

      Aw thank you Viviene I am much better. Your too funny!

      Hope your having an amazing week

      Filipa xxx | Instagram

  16. March 9, 2016 / 6:12 pm

    Loving that edgy vibe. The chocker + open neckline shirt combo is just too cool!
    Much love xx


  17. March 9, 2016 / 11:35 pm

    Love this double denim black outfit and the boots too …..and You look beautiful Filipa!
    xo, neha

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