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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas… I gotta give it to you, you are one magical time of the year. Somehow you bring family members together that can’t stand to be around each other, you make us want spend an hour putting piles of clothes on to play in the cold, and you make a dead tree alive again with lights and pressies. But how do those presents get there? Well news flash Santa Claus isn’t real! It doesn’t matter how many times I pray to the Rudolf gods over my bank statements… HE AIN’T COMING DOWN THE CHIMNEY… in fact I don’t even have a chimney. Maybe that’s the problem. Note to self, ask Santa for a chimney.

Ughhh, if only Santa was real. The pain of finding Christmas presents each year is gosh awful, and I don’t even have kids! I do however have 4 annoyingly picky younger brothers, a husband who has everything, a Dad who isn’t really fussed, and a Mum that just asks for our presence but secretly wants a present… oh and two dogs that like to lick their own butts, but they seem pretty happy doing that.

Anyway with a major headache coming on just thinking about the chaos that is my family, I have decided that this year I’m not buying gifts… you heard it. I am gifting everyone the joy of gift cards. YOU GET A GIFT CARD, YOU GET A GIFT CARD… I’m going to make it rain in this grotto!

Listen I’ve been thinking hard about this. I mean I normally buy my brothers some sort of clothing and the funny thing is I have NEVER seen them actually wearing it. Like seriously, where did that gorgeous sweater I bought you go Oliver, Ben, Charlie and Mackenzie??!! Hmmm. My Mum, bless her little cotton socks is happy with anything, I have actually seen her tear up over a freaking magazine my brother got her for her birthday… like what the heck! Why can they buy her a magazine and call it a day! Ugh I raised the bar way to high.

That’s why before you go about calling me the Grinch… I know everyone, including the ass licking dogs will be happy with gift cards. If not let’s just hope they leave them behind because Rudolf knows I want that card in my pocket.

What do you guys think about giving gift cards for Christmas?


Hahaha to family pictures

 xoxo Fil

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  1. December 22, 2018 / 2:46 am

    That’s actually a better idea, since people know exactly what they want. You have a wonderful family dear! Merry Christmas!
    Jessica |

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