Fears Of A Having Second Child

I was so worried about bringing a second baby into our family. I spent countless sleepless nights, crying into my pillow, petrified my first born would hate me, scared I wouldn’t be able to love this new addition as much as my first, saddened that things would be different.

I loved our dynamic, the Three Musketeers, I didn’t want this to change. How would it work adding another person into the mix? But, just like bringing my first child into the world, those worries disappeared as soon as she was placed into my arms.

Sure, things are different but a new beautiful different. My love wasn’t split in two, instead, my heart grew larger to love another equally.

My firstborn fell in love with her sibling, and I get to witness the most beautiful love story ever told. We were no longer the Three Musketeers, we became the Fantastic Four

As usual, my thoughts and worries were worse than any reality.

xoxo Fil

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