Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2023 is right around the corner. Maybe the dad in your life helped you build a new home, finish a school project, or just loved on you or your kids a little extra this year! It’s time to honor dads for all of the joy, compassion, humor, and love they bring to your life. If you’re a mum of little ones like me, you’ll need to track down the best gifts for your significant other from you and from your kids! If you need some help pinning down the ultimate Father’s Day gift, I’ve got your back! This is my ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for 2023.

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For the Adventurous Dad

Two Piece Luggage Set

This luggage set is available in seven color options and multiple sizes.

If your family loves to travel, a new luggage set is a great Father’s Day gift! I love this set in particular because the carry-on has a separate laptop compartment on the front to make security checks easy (even if dad has a little one in his arms!).

LifeStraw for Hikers

The Life Straw can filter up to 1000 gallons of contaminated water in the event of an emergency.

Hiking is a great way to exercise, enjoy nature, and have time to reflect. However, being out in the elements alone has its safety risks. If the dad in your life loves to get outdoors, a Life Straw is a great way for hikers to access clean water in any environment.

Fujifilm Instax Camera

This Instax Mini comes in brown (pictured above), red, and black.

I’ve been all into the instant cameras lately! It’s such a fun way to add a hint of nostalgia to the photography process. If the dad in your life loves to take the kids out on adventures, this is a super fun way for them to record all the amazing moments with their kids!

For the Foodie Dad

Electric Kettle for Tea or Pour Over Coffee

This electric kettle comes in five modern colors.

Dads always make the best cup of coffee; it’s just dad magic! This sleek and stylish kettle is great for amazing cups of pour-over coffee.

Bluetooth Enabled Sous Vide Machine

This is the smallest sous vide machine available, so it takes up minimal room in your kitchen.

A sous vide machine is essential for making absolutely gourmet dishes at home. This Breville version is top-of-the-line because it can be set and controlled via your smartphone, so there’s no standing over the pot all day. This is a five-star Father’s Day gift for foodies.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

The Kombucha Shop offers a traditional and a deluxe version of this kit.

Some dads love a project in the kitchen. Making homemade kombucha is a long, but super rewarding project. It’s also something that doesn’t include any heat or knives, so it’s a great project for dads to do with their kids! It’s a win-win!

For the Fashionable Dad

Knit Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie comes in twenty-one color and pattern options, so there’s a perfect version for any dad!

We’re living in Canada, so we’re always reaching for a light sweater or hoodie even in the summer months. I love this option as a Father’s Day gift because it’s easy to wear, but still has a lot of style.

Essential Fleece Jogger

Amazon offers fourteen color options in these basic joggers.

We all know Dads are on the go! If they’re juggling toddlers, babies, strollers, and diaper bags, they’re going to want comfortable clothes. These Amazon Essentials joggers are just one of those basic wardrobe items that dad will want to have on hand for quick errands.

Adidas Ozelia Sneakers

These sneakers come in four neutral colorways.

There is no limit to how many cool sneakers a dad needs! These Ozelia sneakers by Adidas have a simple, but futuristic look and they come in a couple of muted colorways that will work with any outfit.

For the Luxury-Loving Dad

Burberry London Cologne

This Burberry cologne is available in a 50 ml and 100 ml bottle.

Burberry London For Men has been a favorite cologne for years. It has a really sophisticated scent with notes of bergamot, lavender and cinnamon. This is one of those luxury items that is just timeless!

Craft and Kin Luxury Candle

Craft and Kin offers five scents including Vintage Leather, Fireside, and Lavender Woods.

Sometimes, dads just need to relax and there’s nothing better for relaxation than a warm candlelit bath. Craft & Kin makes really luxurious candles from all-natural soy wax and wood wicks. This Vintage Leather scent has notes of birch and amber and has rave reviews!

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

These wireless headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

We all know the noise that comes with having little ones in the house. Sometimes hearing the little squeals and laughs is the sweetest noise in the world, but sometimes even the best dads need a little quiet time! These Sony headphones are noise cancelling, but also have great sound quality with added bass for a great music-listening experience.

I’ve listed even more amazing Father’s Day gifts over on my Amazon Storefront. Whatever your budget, this list should help you find the perfect gift that will ship right to your front door!

No matter what gifts you and your little ones choose, don’t forget to remind dad how much he is loved and appreciated this Father’s Day! Dads are such an important part of our families, so enjoy celebrating them this June.

xoxo Fil

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