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You guys know that travel is a HUUUUUUUUGE part of my life, and if I’m not jetting off on a plane somewhere I’m roadtripping around my backyard. But did you know that travel can take its toll on your skin and hair?

As much as I love traveling, I really can’t stand hotel products like shampoo and body wash. I always feel like my skin and hair is completely dried out after using that cute little bottle of who knows what. That’s why I now make a conscious effort to pack my own goodies. Ones that I know, love, and use at home. Obviously that comes in the form of cute little travel bottles from my beloved eco friendly Yves Rocher.

Concentrated Shampoo

When it comes to my shampoo, I am a sucker for a lather. I always thought the more bubbles the better. Well that’s total bull shizernet. Yves Rocher’s concentrated shampoo (launched in June 2018), has totally proved me wrong. 1 press equals 1 dose, this tiny bottle lasts for 30 washes! Yet my hair feels incredibly clean and best thing, not stripped of its natural oils… which is important for a naturally curly head like me.

  • Uses 39% less plastic than a normal 300ml bottle
  • 100% recyclable bottle
  • 98% ingredients are of natural origin
  • Easily biodegradable formula
  • 87% users say it washes your hair gently
  • 95% users find this product effective

Concentrated Shower Gel

Yves Rocher has reinvented the way we should be doing shower gel, they have done this by concentrating their gels which gives a 100ml bottle 40 shower uses, which is the same as a 400ml bottle! They use the same bottle technology as the concentrated shampoo, which uses a valve lid to give you the right dosage of product. No waste! My fav when it comes to scents is their Relaxation, oh boy does it smell good. It uses a petitgrain essential oil which holds relaxing properties… the perfect end to a busy day.

  • 100% botanical cleansing base
  • 97% ingredients are of natural origin
  • 4 times more concentrated
  • 50% reduction in plastic and greenhouse gases compared to a 400ml bottle

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