DIY Board & Batten Feature Wall

Hello Heroes,

Hope you guys are still here with me. I keep saying this but, it has been a while since I last posted. I am sorry! LOL

Many of you have probably already seen some snippets of our board & baton feature wall that we recently DIY’d, but this post will take you through our process and help you achieve the same look at home!


Ok, let’s get into this. So the layout is a huge step, it will make or break your look. Measure, measure, and wait for it, MEASURE! Draw out your wall on a piece of paper and measure where you hope to have your board and batons. Trust me, this will definitely help it look clean and professional.


So for this project, we opted for MDF primed fibreboard (linked here). It’s pretty cheap, comes pre-primed, and is super easy to work with. I also picked up some: construction adhesive, nails for my nail gun (you can use a hammer), drywall filler, and white caulking. Also, if you have a level this will probably be your best friend.

Base Board

Do you already have a baseboard? We do, so instead of ripping it out, just in case, we came up with this cool idea to cut the bottom of each vertical board at a 45-degree angle. This way it makes it look seamless.

Let’s Go!

After you’ve created your little drawing of the layout, mark them out on the wall itself with a pencil. Simply cut the MDF to size and apply a little bit of construction adhesive to the backside and place it onto the wall. Hold firmly and pop a few nails along the length of the board. I have a nail gun but you can easily do this with a hammer and finishing nails. Once you’ve got the first board up it will seem less daunting and the rest will go up so much easier.


After you’ve got all your boards and battens up, you’ll look up at it, and be like “what have I done?”. But remember you’ve done the finishing. Each nail hole needs a bit of filler, and all the seams need caulking. I used drywall filler for the nail holes and normal white caulking for all the corners and seams along the wall. Let this dry for a few hours, sand, and paint your favourite colour.

This is how ours turned out. What do you think?

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY. It was super fun and easy project. And it makes on hella difference in our entryway. Totally elevated!

If you guys have any questions or concerns, shoot me at DM @playingwithapparelmen. I’d love to help!


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