Diagnosis Round 2

Hello Loves!

So, I left you in Europe, wandering the streets of Paris, kissing under the Eiffel Tower, but it’s time to go home now. Back to reality, it’s time to get this baby making on the road again.

DNA Fragmentation

Refreshed and a little jet lagged we started right away. New doctor ordered, we were to redo our tests, double check my good ol’ levels and have a peek at Sameers guys. The only difference to previous tests was that Sameers test was to look a little harder. Before he had the standard sperm test, count – tick, mobilty – tick, morpholgy – tick. This time he was to do a DNA fragmentation test, which takes a deeper look at the build up of the sperm and checks for any abnormalities.

The Results

We headed to our results appointment, pretty confident of what will be said. Filipa it’s on you. But boy, we were not ready for the results we were given, me same as before AMH of 1.5 (ng/ml). Now it was Sameers turn, his smile quickly faded into pure and utter shock. Before we had been told that he was textbook, the golden boy of the sperm world, but with this deeper look we found that things weren’t so shiny. How it was explained to us was that Sameer had all the right things, his soldiers were ready for battle, but a little bit too much so, they never took their helmets off. The poor little guys were finding my egg, but weren’t removing their heads to expose the drills they needed to get through the eggs tough surface. How did we not know this before?! Why wasn’t this test done at the start?! Oh I get so angry thinking of all the pain, heartache, let alone money we could have saved over the past year. But I won’t go off on that tangent… I might not stop.

What’s Next?

Here is when I need to give major props to my husband, Sameer, this man has been my rock through all of this. Even going through his own personal valid emotions, he has always been there for me, to hold my hand, bring home McDonalds fries, force me to dance in the kitchen, or give me a much needed dose of reality. He is truly my best friend, and the greatest man I have ever met. Try not to cry Filipa. He just is such a magical person.

Now even through this news, he was still there for me, making sure I was ok! No babe, now it’s my time to hold your hand. We had the answers we needed, and a massive explanation to the failures of the past year. The old fashioned way, medicated TI, IUI, would have never worked, our only hope was IVF with ICSI.

Impatient for the government waiting list, we decided to dig DEEP into our pockets and start our private IVF cycle.

 xoxo Fil

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