Date Night Ideas for Parents

Life as a parent is a rollercoaster! You’ve got huge moments of joy and laughter, mixed with endless responsibilities. For my husband and I, it’s really vital to connect with each other and have time to remember that we’re still a couple, not just parents! As always, I’ll be 100% honest. I’ve never been able to be consistent with “date nights” with my husband. Sometimes we’re so tired at the end of a long week, that dressing up and going out seems like more of a chore than a chance to unwind. If you’re like us and looking for some simple, relaxing ideas to reconnect with your partner, here’s my list of cozy date night ideas for parents.

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Date Night at Home

Even though these first five date night ideas take place at home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a sitter! If you have reliable family, friends, or a local sitter, see if you can drop your kiddos off before these date night activities. While you could do these activities after the kids go to bed, having time truly to yourselves will help you avoid burnout.

Classic Movie Night

Movie nights are classic for a reason! There’s something so relaxing about cozying up to a good movie with some snacks, candy, and a glass of wine. Here are some new romantic movies that I think are great for an upcoming date night:

Cooking Competition

I love cooking with my husband, but just making a meal can feel a little more like a task than a fun, date night activity. However, we have so much fun when we turn our tasks into competition! You can try a couple different cooking competitions for date night like:

  1. Date Night Challenge – You each plan menus and cook for consecutive date nights. At the end of the second meal, crown a winner!
  2. Chopped Challenge – Just like the hit Food Network show, Chopped, have one partner (or a kid for a big challenge) pick four secret ingredients. The other partner must make a meal incorporating those ingredients! It’s so much fun to see your partner be creative.
  3. Decorating Competition – Order take out (this is key to limiting dishes!), and then challenge each other to decorating cookies, cupcakes, or chocolate dipped strawberries. You’ll be surprised at what you each come up with!

Game Time

Looking to connect on a deeper level? There’s a whole world of board games out there catered to couples that help you ask each other questions, remember fun memories, and learn more about your partner! Here are some of my favorites:

We’re Not Really Strangers – This game prompts couples to answer meaningful questions. It’s great for a more serious, romantic date night or a monthly/annual check in with your partner.

Taco vs. Burrito – This simple card game is so much fun and will make you and your partner feel like kids again! This is a great game for kids as well, so it won’t just collect dust waiting for the next date night.

The Ultimate Game for Couples – This game combines challenges, questions, and can be played on date night or with another couple!

At-Home Spa

If there’s one thing I know to be true about parents, it’s that WE NEED PAMPERING! Parenting isn’t only a mental challenge, it’s a financial, emotional, and physical challenge as well. Having an at-home spa night can help you and your partner feel pampered, loved, and connected. Some of my favorite products for a romantic spa night are:

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Feeling up to Going Out? Date Night Away from Home

If you’re feeling brave enough to step into the big, wide world on date night, try some of these activities out of the house!

Outdoor Fun

Date night (or day!) is a great time to get some fresh air and get outdoors. Try searching vineyards, orchards, farms, and parks in your local area. You might be surprised to find really fun events on their calendar. We’ve had some incredible memories exploring our community!

A sunny day out at Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyard in Nova Scotia. TikTok: @filipajackson.

Artistic Adventure

I think one of the most underrated date night activities is painting! From pottery to canvases, there are tons of small businesses that offer tons of fun for date night. Look for a place like The Hive Studio, where you can paint pottery and sip espresso or sign up for a workshop at an art school like Artworks! Having that creative time together will help you connect and unwind.

In the midst of all of the chaos of parenting chaos, date nights can feel like a life raft. No matter what you’re spending or planning, focus on the time you’re getting to reconnect. I promise, you and your partner deserve time to laugh, play, and have fun!

xoxo Fil

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