Cooking with Your Toddler

I’ve never been much of a cook. If I’m being honest, I’ve always kind of dreaded the process of cooking. However, having children has really opened my mind to the possibilities of the kitchen. Seeing their interest in food and how it’s prepared and thinking about the responsibility that comes with preparing meals has really made me rethink the value of cooking in my home. Cooking with your toddler isn’t just about preparing meals; it’s an opportunity to nurture their curiosity and independence. Let’s talk about some important things to remember when cooking with your toddler:

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Embracing the Mess

One of the first things you learn when cooking with a toddler is to embrace the mess. Flour on the floor, spilled milk, and scattered ingredients are just part of the adventure. While there will be mess, the kitchen is one of the best places to learn about the importance of cleaning up! It’s a gateway to teaching about safety, hygiene, and personal responsibility. If you’re getting a lot of pushback about picking up toys, try reinforcing cleaning ideas in the kitchen!

Learning and Development

Cooking offers a hands-on learning experience for children. Measuring ingredients becomes a math lesson, mixing ingredients together becomes a science experiment, and waiting for the dish to cook is a lesson in patience. If you’re super interested in the educational benefits of teaching your toddler to cook, you should check out these resources:

  1. Kids in the Kitchen – This cookbook prioritizes simple recipes that build independence and confidence.
  2. “Cooking with Preschoolers” from – This article is medically reviewed and discusses a lot of the amazing benefits of cooking with young kids.
  3. “Building Kitchen Skills for Montessori Toddlers” – This article from Montessori Academy outlines the basics you need to teach your kids through cooking.

Building Character

When your toddler contributes to creating a meal, it’s a confidence booster. From stirring a batter to placing toppings on a pizza, they feel a sense of accomplishment. Encouraging their independence in the kitchen, with appropriate supervision, helps them gain essential life skills. Outside of confidence and independence, cooking can help with a child’s imagination. Helping them explore their own recipes can help them produce new ideas. Just like traveling with your toddler, cooking can help expand your child’s mind, encouraging them to try new things!

Top Tips for a Successful Cooking Adventure

  • Simple Recipes: Opt for easy recipes that involve minimal steps and ingredients. Think of dishes like fruit salads, homemade pizzas, or simple cookies.
  • Safety First: Ensure safety measures are in place. Use safe utensils, teach them about hot surfaces, and always supervise closely.
  • Patience is Key: Expect things to take longer than they normally would. Allow your child to explore and take their time.
  • Celebrate the Mess: Embrace the mess and involve your child in the cleaning process too. It’s all part of the experience.
  • Praise and Encouragement: Celebrate their efforts, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

I would really encourage you to spend some time with your little ones in the kitchen. Even when my kids haven’t been too engaged in the actual cooking, having them follow along or watch me has led to some incredible conversations. I always want to be the type of mom that encourages my children to constantly grow, evolve, and learn and I’ve found the kitchen is a great place to do this!

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