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In January, I launched my Mindful Mom Planners. These free digital planners included a meditation journal, a habit tracker, a monthly calendar, and a daily planner. I created these planners to help keep my life healthy, organized, and balanced. We’ve recently moved into a new home, and I started to find myself a little overwhelmed by cleaning and maintaining it. I turned to Pinterest, as always, and got inspired to make a custom cleaning routine to keep track of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning tasks. I’m happy to announce my new cleaning routine calendar, and I’m excited to share it with all of you!

Cleaning Routine Features

The Mindful Mom Cleaning Routine

I designed this cleaning routine for mums and dads who have an extremely hectic life, but still want to keep up with their cleaning. Having this simple, regular routine doesn’t exhaust me but does help prevent a lot of mess piling up. Some of my favorite features:

First, I added extra space in the daily cleaning section to add your own custom daily tasks. For example, we collect compost for our garden, so that’s an important daily task that I would add here. Next, I included a short daily list. I found some cleaning routines that had extremely long daily cleaning lists. That’s great for them, but I know I wouldn’t go through with it! For my daily tasks, I kept it to six critical tasks that help me feel comfortable in my home.

Additionally, I’ve added a list of monthly maintenance tasks. This is a great way to help you remember those hidden maintenance tasks like replacing air filters, wiping down baseboards, and cleaning out pantries. Finally, the routine includes seasonal tasks for deep cleaning. No matter how much daily maintenance you do, every few months, you’ll need a deep cleaning day. This is a great list to help you get through these deep cleaning days efficiently.

How to Download

In order to download my cleaning routine, just subscribe to my mailing list below! I’ll send out an email to all of my subscribers with a PDF download of the routine!

It’s never too late to start a consistent cleaning routine. Don’t feel intimidated by trying to get everything done at once! Take it one step at a time.

xoxo Fil

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